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Aug 27 2019

LGBT Exploitation of People With Down Syndrome

In accordance with Cultural Marxism, progressives exploit sexual deviants to advance their political objectives by arraying them against the targeted core population of normal people. As if that were not exploitative enough, people with Down syndrome have been recruited into the transsexual blitzkrieg to be paraded around as drag queens.

From Michigan:

The owner of a Grand Rapids venue says a drag show featuring performers who have Down syndrome cannot be held at his building.

Drag Syndrome will still perform Sept. 7 on the first day of Project 1 by ArtPrize, DisArt, the local group facilitating the show, said Thursday. It’s not yet clear where.

The freak show was going to be held at a venue owned by Peter Meijer, who is running for Congress as a Republican. Kudos to him for refusing to support what he calls the “potential exploitation of the vulnerable.” He is unsurprisingly taking heat from militant moonbats, who have been bashing him with the “discrimination” club.

Down syndrome victims paraded around as parodies of girls in the name of “art” aren’t the only ones with a developmental disorder to fall victim. Desmond Napoles — probably the most infamous child drag queen — suffers from autism. He has become a favorite toy of the LGBT community.

Even if Peter Meijer won’t provide a platform for Drag Syndrome, British taxpayers will, via the odious BBC:

On a tip from Kate P. Hat tip: MOTUS A.D.

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