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Jun 12 2019

LGBT Militants Continue to Sue Jack Phillips

Once a countermoonbat has stood up to them, they will never rest until he has been destroyed. Otherwise, he might inspire others to resist. That’s why LGBT militants are going after Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakeshop yet again:

Phillips, the Lakewood, Colo. bakery owner who has refused to bake cakes that violate his Christian faith, is being sued again by Autumn Scardina, a transgender woman [i.e., a man with politicized mental problems], for refusing to bake a gender transition cake.

This is the third time they gone after him for not being willing to effectively renounce Christianity on behalf of the LGBT agenda. He has already defeated the Jacobins before the Supreme Court. Yet they keep coming.

Phillips describes himself as an artist who uses cakes as “canvas” to express ideas and celebrate events.

If they can compel speech regarding his cakes, they can compel it anywhere. Jack Phillips stands between us and raw tyranny.

The high court ruled the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed “anti-religious bias” when it filed a discrimination charge against Phillips.

That should have ended it. But leftism is a form of decay, and decay never gives up before it prevails.

Impenitent, the wicked “civil rights” commission came after Phillips for refusing to create a cake celebrating Scardina’s “transition” into a make-believe woman. Discovery found the same antireligious bias that the Supremes did, so the commission had to back down.

But now,

Scardina decided to pursue separate litigation, which attorneys filed Wednesday in district court.

How they must hate Jack Phillips for putting a brake on their power. In addition to the never-ending legal onslaught, they have subjected him to death threats and harassment. The odious Jimmy Kimmel used his show to ridicule this hero to the country at large

This is not only about Christianity versus the ungodly LGBT agenda. The broader struggle is between the First Amendment and politically correct totalitarianism. Jack Phillips deserves a place in the pantheon of patriots next to Nathan Hale — he is our time’s equivalent.

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