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Jan 07 2020

Liberal Establishment Defends Hollyweird Hypocrisy

Since Ricky Gervais kicked Hollyweird in the pants at the Golden Globes over its hypocrisy, the whole liberal establishment has had to sit down gingerly. The Washington Post made a point to tell us that we don’t think the thrashing Gervais gave the liberal elite on its own stage was important. Actual WaPo headline:

At the Golden Globes, Gervais’s sharpest barb poked Hollywood’s piety. Nobody cared.

The piece is full of petty snipes putting down Gervais on behalf of the pompous liberal elite phonies he ridiculed. Since this is WaPo, it is interlaced with irrelevant propaganda suggesting that Trump started World War III by pushing back against Iran’s bullying.

As noted at The Blaze,

Elitists like those who work for the Post just don’t understand because they are part of the celebrity culture that Gervais was attacking.

What they understand is that it now hurts when they sit down. In case you missed it:

The funniest part is the shocked and befuddled looks on Tom Hanks’s face.

Gervais was not the only one to highlight Tinseltown’s conspicuous hypocrisy. Global warming true believer Joaquin Phoenix called on his fellow Hollyweirdos to cut down on the private jet flights. By then, producers of the spectacle had had enough:

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