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Apr 14 2023

Liberal Hero Justin Jones Was BLM Rioter

Hard left demagogue Justin Jones was kicked out of the Tennessee legislature after he led an insurrection in the state capitol, demanding that citizens be deprived of a key constitutional right, shutting down the proceedings, forcing State Troopers to restore order. Making a mockery of its own January 6 rhetoric, the likeminded White House supported him. The echo chamber media lavished adoration upon him, using religious terms. Appallingly, Jones was reinstated.

Now that leading an unlawful mob against his state legislature has made him a national leader, let’s learn more about Justin Jones. In 2020, he participated in Black Lives Matter riots:

Footage of rioting outside the state Capitol in 2020 first shared by Scoop Nashville appears to show Jones repeatedly hitting the driver of a car with a traffic cone. The video … shows Jones and other activists stopping and surrounding the vehicle before the driver escaped.

Not the sort of lowlife thug you want running government — unless you’re a Democrat.

Jones was charged with assault, assault on an officer, and reckless endangerment, for which he was indicted on two counts after the video was presented to the grand jury in his case. Despite his violent behavior, Jones claimed in June 2021 that he was being “peaceful” and claims to the contrary were a “false narrative.”

Of course it was peaceful. Ask CNN.

Jones alleged that police colluded with prosecutors to “weaponize the law as a form of punishment for the mere fact that we chose to stand up.”

Per Black Lives Matter ideology, police are racist. So are laws. Justin Jones theatrically displays his contempt for both:

In May 2020, Jones reportedly climbed atop a police cruiser along with another radical, Jeneisha Harris, amid an anti-cop protest in which a courthouse was set on fire, reported Fox News Digital.

It is unclear from footage of the incident whether Jones and Harris were attempting to incite the mob or secure a photo op. Charges for reckless endangerment were brought against them over the damage done.

The windows of the police car were broken.

Similar behavior continues to occur, now that the liberal establishment-endorsed Black Lives Matter phenomenon has normalized it:

Cellphone video caught the moment a male and female pounded a car’s windows with a gun, stomped the doors and windshield, and ordered the driver to “get out!” at a Tampa traffic light — and Florida Highway Patrol said all of that was preceded by the driver being shot at.

The attack, which followed a fender-bender, occurred at the intersection of US 301 and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. If you find yourself approaching a road named after MLK, Malcolm X, or anyone similar, turn around and go back.

Welcome to the jungle:

Imagine people like this in your state legislature, or worse yet, lionized by the people who run the media and the federal government.

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