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Jan 08 2017

CBS Takes Spin to a New Level of Deception After Chicago Torture Outrage

It wasn’t easy, but the liberal media has finally managed to top the shamelessness of using outdated childhood pictures and editing 911 recordings to generate sympathy for the dead goon Trayvon Martin. Here is how CBS Radio News reported the story of four blacks abducting and torturing a white kid:

The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggests the assault had racial overtones. CBS’s Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally challenged teenager.

In the video, he is choked and repeatedly called the n-word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly reference Donald Trump. Police are holding four people in connection with the attack.

Hear it with your own ears here, starting at the 1:28 mark.

The media has been hyping a contrived narrative that since the election there has been a wave of hate crimes against groups beloved by liberals: blacks, Muslims, sexual deviants, et cetera. Until now their evidence has consisted mainly of hate hoaxes, but this time an appalling racially motivated crime really did occur.

CBS listeners would never guess that this crime was committed by four blacks against a white kid. The references to Donald Trump consisted of “F*** Donald Trump,” interspersed with “F*** white people.” As for the victim being called the forbidden n-word, some ghetto blacks use that term for everyone they address, apparently due to their limited vocabulary.

It would be hard to imagine a more extreme example of dishonest reporting. If you say things that are technically true in a matter that deliberately creates an impression that is the diametric opposite of the truth, you are lying by any reasonable definition.

The credibility of the liberal media establishment has reached absolute zero.

The culprits don’t look much like CBS listeners would were led to expect.

On tips from Just a Thought and Byron.

18 Responses to “CBS Takes Spin to a New Level of Deception After Chicago Torture Outrage”

  1. AlexMcQuade says:

    You don’t HAVE to be stoned to watch the liberal media –WAIT, YES, YES YOU DO !!!!!!

  2. Torcer says:

    CBS News Implies Facebook Live Torturers are WHITE – Victim is BLACK !!!

    CBS Radio Deceptively Implies Chicago Torturers Were White Trump Supporters, Victim Was Black via @mediaite

    Deceptive CBS report gives impression Chicago kidnapping victim was black, 4 thugs were white

  3. Rusty Bill says:

    “The credibility of the liberal media establishment has reached absolute zero.”

    Oh, please. They reached – and passed – that point years ago.

  4. StephaneDumas says:

    Yes, now their credibility is at -50% below zero. No wait, -100%,… -1000%….still going way deep below zero.

  5. OrangeBobcat says:

    Eureka! Yes! That explains it! If they have gone below absolute zero that puts them in another dimension entirely!! The mystery is solved!!!!

  6. TrojanMan says:

    They are one notch below the average temperature of the universe

  7. Rusty Bill says:

    Having credibility means that people assume you are telling the truth.

    No credibility is when people do not automatically believe you.

    Negative credibility is when people assume that anything you say is a lie until proven otherwise.

    The liberal media establishment has negative credibility, as do most politicians and government agencies.

  8. chuck_in_st_paul says:

    the Chicongo media have been burying the slaughter in the black ghettos for decades. It might hurt tourism. The spin machine will be in overdrive for this one.

  9. chuck_in_st_paul says:

    no inset picture of the white victim I see, nor of the street thugs

  10. 762x51 says:

    Notice that the males pictured have the same Barack Obama / Il Duce chin tilt.

    Must be a Chicago thing.

  11. […] Radio News trying to reverse the races in the Chicago torture story is appalling in the extreme, but not out of character for the liberal […]

  12. Cassandradsellers says:

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  13. stone cruiser says:

    All press and media should be considered the enemy. They would make hitler proud.

  14. serenitynow says:

    I’m 70 now but give me two minutes with those two pieces of shit and I’ll sort out the problem and save the state of Illinois a bunch of money.

  15. […] CBS takes spin to a new level of deception after Chicago torture outrage […]

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