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Oct 09 2023

Liberals Back Hamas Savages Against Israelis

The masks are coming off. It has become impossible to pretend that Hamas is not evil:

Here’s how Hamas treats women:

Over 700 have been killed and over 2,000 wounded so far. The carnage was significantly financed by the Biden Administration via Iran.

Looks like Biden even provided weaponry. He gifted more than $7 billion worth of American ordnance to the terrorists he surrendered to in Afghanistan — the same ones who provided a base of operations for the 9/11 attacks that he commemorated this year by giving $6 billion to Iran. Unsurprisingly, some of the weaponry appears to have found its way into the hands of Hamas:

[T]he terrorists are using our weapons we left in Afghanistan to fight. …

Knowing that the taxes we spent for two decades to fund the “War on Terror” helped equip terrorists is not only the peak of irony, but the greatest shame our nation has had in my lifetime.

We might be generous and chalk it up to Democrats having achieved a level of incompetence never before witnessed — except that some leftists are saying the quiet part out loud by openly siding with the terrorists:

A Washington Post columnist who once led the paper’s international opinions section lent support this week to those kidnapping, raping, and killing Israeli citizens.

Karen Attiah, a prominent journalist, echoed a social media post by a fringe Somali that said, “what did y’all think decolonization meant? vibes? papers? essays? losers.”

Attiah explicitly advocates terrorist violence to eradicate what liberals call colonialism and the rest of us call Western Civilization.

Crows Attiah:

“We are forced to see state violence as justified + moral, while violence by non-state actors isn’t. This is changing.”

Employing the projection that characterizes leftists, she denounces the Israelis being murdered as “murderers,” whereas terrorists are deified as “the oppressed.”

Normally, the liberal elite types running the establishment media are bright enough not to tell us openly what they really think, lest we rise up against them. Attiah is an exception, likely having climbed to her position by exploiting an asset other than intelligence — namely her own status as “oppressed” per progressive dogma:

Attiah is the daughter of a doctor from Ghana, but likely benefited from affirmative action at the Post intended to benefit poor African Americans.

Speaking of the liberal elite, here’s how Hamas is regarded at its flagship academic institution, the primary academy that staffs our ruling class, Harvard:

Harvard students expressed their support for Palestinian terrorists amid the unprecedented terror attack on Israel this weekend. In a joint statement signed by at least 57 student groups, the Ivy League students blamed Israel for the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas killing 600 Israelis.

“We, the undersigned student organizations, hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence,” a joint statement by scores of Harvard student groups read.

This isn’t whataboutism taken to the last extreme of absurdity. Harvard students emphasize that the terrorists who invariably initiate the violence are 100% blameless, and that Israel is “the only one to blame” for the savage atrocities that have been unfolding.

Democrats in Congress have predictably demanded that Israel “deescalate” rather than retaliating.

Already at least nine Americans have been killed in the terrorist blitzkrieg. But that’s a good thing from the liberal viewpoint, because Americans are oppressors too. Everything currently being inflicted on Israelis will soon happen to Americans, for the same reasons.

Hamas is only the tip of an iceberg of evil.

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