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May 31 2018

Liberals Demand That Transsexual Illegal Aliens Not Be Detained

Transsexual illegal aliens are so special that liberals feel they should be able to enter our country without fear of detention:

The death of a transgender woman [i.e., a man with severe psychiatric problems] while in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has prompted advocates to demand that LGBTQ migrant detainees be freed until their cases are heard.

Jeffry “Roxana” Hernandez of Honduras kicked the bucket while availing himself of presumably free (to him) medical care at a hospital in Albuquerque. He was part of the caravan of colonists Mexico has allowed to come up from Central America to invade the USA. Insane asylum law allows them into the country until their cases have been heard, by which time they have usually vanished into the barrio. By now the backlog of unheard cases probably stretches into the next century.

The woman [i.e., the man] was admitted after showing symptoms of pneumonia, dehydration and complications associated with HIV.

Why would we want foreign perverts who are in our country illegally running around loose spreading the virus that causes AIDS? Only because we have let progressives bully us into a state of national psychosis.

Nineteen members of Congress on Wednesday sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, expressing concerns about how LBGTQ migrants are housed and whether they are protected from abuse.

Not abuse from mollycoddling American officials; abuse from their fellow illegal aliens.

“These individuals, particularly transgender women, are extremely vulnerable to abuse, including sexual assault, while in custody,” said the letter signed by U.S. Rep. Kathleen M. Rice, a Democrat from New York, and 18 other U.S. lawmakers.

They might avoid unwanted advances by not pretending to be women. But then they would lose the special status liberals want to grant them.

The letter asked the federal agency to use its discretion to release migrants considered at high risk for abuse so they are safe throughout their immigration proceedings.

Once they are released, most will never be seen again — except possibly at voting booths and welfare offices, under different names.

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement clearly cannot detain transgender women safely, and therefore should not detain transgender women at all,” said Aaron C. Morris, executive director of New York-based Immigration Equality, a national LGBTQ migrant rights group.

If you want to invade America, dress like Corporal Klinger.

That was the third time Hernandez entered the USA illegally. He was convicted in Texas of theft in 2006 and prostitution among other charges in 2009.

You can see why his death, presumably of degeneracy, makes this model noncitizen a martyr to moonbats.

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