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Dec 16 2018

Liberals Eat Their Own

All totalitarian ideologies eat their own. Standards of orthodoxy become ever more unreasonable as the blood in the water becomes increasingly intoxicating, until the Jacobins themselves find their way to the guillotine, and communists are rounded up for the one-way train ride to Siberia.

Progressivism has reached that stage. Like a biological weapon that has escaped the laboratory, political correctness now destroys not only the enemies of progressives, but progressives themselves.

As Jason Siler astutely observes, political correctness was never about “inclusion” or any of the other phony concepts moonbats reference in their nauseating duckspeak.

“It’s about forcing progressive beliefs onto everyone else with fear and intimidation.”

As we saw when the PC guillotine came down on Comedian of Color Kevin Hart, even the entertainment industry is getting a taste of the fear and intimidation liberals have imposed on everyone else.

Maybe leftists will get tired of living in fear and admit that life was better when almost all Americans believed in freedom. More likely, they will double down on the witch hunts to rid the world of thought criminals, until the rest of us find a way to rid the world of their ideology.

On a tip from Lyle.

One Response to “Liberals Eat Their Own”

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