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Sep 24 2023

Life in Chicago Under Liberal Rule

The openly pro-criminal Marxist Brandon Johnson is now Mayor of Chicago. This has tipped the city into Third World status. Attempting to drive down major streets can result in the sort of carjacking associated with places like Africa:

Blue State Blues News reports on Chicago’s progress toward the bottom of the Democrat Death Spiral:

Murders are up 19 percent with robberies up 30 percent in the last four years.

The city has seen an 86 percent increase in motor vehicle thefts in the last year.

The number has increased from 42,512 incidents in 2022 to 54,983 so far this year.

Democrats are imposing Chicago chaos on the entire state by eliminating cash bail with the Purge Law. Illinois residents are advised to get out of the state for their own safety as quickly as possible.

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