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Nov 21 2019

Life on the Left Coast Under Homeless Occupation

Liberal ideology demands that those who take responsibility for their lives be sacrificed to those who do not. The ultimate example of the latter group are those who find themselves without homes due to their own choices, addictions, and/or mental illness. On the Left Coast, such people constitute an occupational army. Such an army is prone to violence. An example from Seattle:

“I was at an intersection and saw a homeless guy, sort of to my left, across the street… yelling and acting up,” Taylor tells the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. For privacy, he asked that I not use his last name. “I didn’t really pay any attention to it as he was yelling… at the world… I didn’t think anything of it. Just sort of regular sort of homeless activity, I guess.”

But then suddenly there was a “huge explosion of glass” from the driver’s side window.

He felt a “huge thud” in his shoulder and thought he had been shot. Wisely, he took off to avoid further attack and assessed the damage a few blocks away.

He soon realized what had happened: the homeless man threw a substantial rock through his window.

From here, the story becomes even more emblematic of life under the homeless occupation:

Taylor called 9-1-1 to explain what happened, though the homeless man was not arrested. …

Someone had already called the police to report the man and cops had arrived. As a result, the operator didn’t take Taylor’s information. …

Taylor holds no grudges with the operator and certainly not the police. But he’s sad that this will likely be a case of a homeless criminal neither getting the help he clearly needs nor the punishment he clearly deserves.

The police would have arrested the derelict if the operator had passed along the information that he was not merely causing a disturbance, but had tried to kill someone by throwing a large rock through his window. However, the maniac would have been back on the street within weeks if not hours anyway. If you doubt it, consider the homeless guy in Los Angeles who dumped a bucket of diarrhea on a random woman’s head and was loose again in 2 months, or the psycho bum in Portland who sucker-punched a woman so hard it might have killed her who was back on the street in no time.

Meanwhile, do-gooders wring their hands and pule with sympathy for this army of deranged and violent zombies. They confirm to themselves what good persons they are by voting for liberals who will grow the zombie hordes by spending ever more of other people’s money on homeless services to subsidize the lifestyle.

That’s why the Left Coast is a great place for the homeless, but not so great for anyone else.

On a tip from DCGere.

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