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Sep 25 2018

Life-Size Nelson Mandela Idol Unveiled at United Nations

Progressives have a new idol to worship, conveniently situated in the world’s premier cathedral of moonbattery. The bronze likeness of leftist terrorist Nelson Mandela stands ready to receive adoration. It was unveiled Monday by his handpicked successor Cyril Ramaphosa, whose Presidency crows that it is the only life-sized statue at the United Nations.

“The statue is modeled after the day Nelson Mandela delivered his first speech to the United Nations Special Committee on Apartheid on June 22 1990. He urged the United Nations to maintain sanctions against South Africa until apartheid was abolished‚” it said.

Sanctions were key to replacing a wealthy First World country with the rapidly deteriorating hellhole that is South Africa today.

[T]he statue … is fitted with former president Nelson Mandela’s prison shoes that he wore during his days as a political prisoner on Robben Island.

No tears please. Mandela stayed in prison voluntarily. All he had to do to walk free was renounce terrorism.

Another recent story indicates what the international liberal elite glorifies when it celebrates what Mandela did to South Africa:

The 2018 Global Peace Index shows that SA is the most dangerous and most violent country on earth.

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, post-Apartheid South Africa leads the world in violent crime and murder. Nice work, Saint Nelson!

His votaries at the UN plan to do something similar for the rest of the Western world.

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