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Oct 19 2018

LifeSiteNews Twitter Page Temporarily Shut Down

For the PC martinets who control the information infrastructure, reporting facts that do not advance the liberal agenda constitutes intolerance. At Twitter — whose CEO openly regards a commitment to free speech as “a joke” — intolerance is not tolerated. Consequently, the LifeSiteNews Twitter page has received a stern warning:

Twitter has just locked LifeSiteNews out of our Twitter account over an article we posted four years ago that provided expert analysis on the rise in sexually-transmitted diseases among homosexuals.

The 2014 piece by Dr. Gerard M. Nadal, a molecular biologist and microbiologist who is also president and CEO of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, responds to media coverage of what was at the time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new annual report on STDs.

Nadal’s thought crime was to observe that the rise in sexually transmitted diseases among homosexuals is caused not by homophobia but by unprotected sex.

Yesterday LifeSiteNews learned that sharing the factual title of the piece in a tweet 4 years ago constitutes a violation of their “rules against hateful conduct.”

Any conduct that liberals hate is hateful conduct, and increasingly liberals hate any conduct that is not in absolute and enthusiastic compliance with up-to-the-minute politically correct ideology, according to which homosexuality depravity must only be encouraged, regardless of health consequences.

“This total intolerance for even reporting government health dept statistics that reveal the health dangers of homosexual activity betrays what Peter Thiel, himself a homosexual, previously called a totalitarian mindset in Silicon Valley,” said Steve Jalsevac, co-founder and president of LifeSiteNews.

Using totalitarian means to impose the LGBT agenda isn’t about homosexuals. It is about the totalitarian means, which are actually the end.

Fortunately, we have not yet reached the point where pushing back is futile:

On a tip from rpp618.

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