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May 11 2012

Lifting the Lid on Censorship of Black on White Violence

Bill O’Reilly’s willingness to cover the appalling case of Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami is lifting the lid on the “mainstream” media’s practice of suppressing information regarding the escalating epidemic of black on white mob violence. Here’s what happened when Kyle Rogers investigated local coverage of a black mob that attacked whites, injuring five, after a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Newark recently:

I then asked to speak to crime reporter James Queally who wrote Star-Ledgers’ two articles on the attacks.

Queally told me that the police report did list the race of the perpetrators and that he censored this information in his two articles on purpose. He also stated that it was the newspapers’ policy to censor race in crime stories.

Then the conversation took a comedic turn. I asked Queally what race was listed in the police report and he refused to tell me. He also said he interviewed three of the victims, but refused to tell me what race they were. Queally did however volunteer that “it’s an 80% black area and the concert was full of white rock and roll fans.”

Queally denied that the attacks were racially motivated. He said that if it was blacks attacking whites, then that was just a factor of probability. Keep in mind that Queally admits knowing the race of the perps and refuses to say.

I told Queally about numerous other black on white mob attacks all over the nation and explained to him this was part of a trend of racially motivated hate crimes. At this point Queally went from a friendly demeanor to a very arrogant sounding tone. He replied “well somehow myself and everyone else in the media have missed all of these.” I told Queally I have been documenting these hate crime mob attacks and would be happy to e-mail him lots of information. Queally then hung up the phone without a reply.

During the conversation Queally hinted at his reasoning for wanting to censor the race of the perpetrators. He asked “if all the attackers were black fifteen year-olds, would you avoid all black fifteen year-olds in Newark?” I told him I would, especially a group of black fifteen year-olds. I told him that avoiding a specific demographic known for brutally attacking my demographic at random was “common sense.” Queally replied, “that’s your opinion.”

In other words Queally places political correctness above public safety, even though “public safety” is one of the topics he is supposed to be covering. The LA Times, for example, is very candid about having a policy of censoring race in crime stories. They say they don’t want to “stigmatize racial minorities.”

The establishment media serves one purpose in this country: to advance the liberal agenda. Neither public safety nor the duty to keep the public informed is allowed to get in the way.

black mob
MSM weenies don’t want you to hear about these mobs until one kills you.

On a tip from Sam.

29 Responses to “Lifting the Lid on Censorship of Black on White Violence”

  1. modd kenwood says:

    never mind that the minority in question has earned the distinction of being stigmatized

  2. jazbo says:

    While concealed carry permits continue to rise, and long gun and ammo sales skyrocket. There’a racial war coming in the US, and it won’t be pretty. Especially to the side that will inevitably lose.

  3. Mickey Shea says:

    Very simple, really, just avoid large gatherings of spooks.

  4. Wiley Peyote says:

    I would have asked the censorial reporter if he’d agree to be let out of the car alone at midnight in the area where the attacks occurred. If not, why? (Profiler! Racist!)

  5. RKae says:

    They say they don’t want to “stigmatize racial minorities.”

    And as for stigmatizing racial majorities…?

  6. justme says:

    MSM weenies don’t want you to hear about these mobs until one kills you.

    NO NO NO…. if they kill you, it still didn’t happen.(as long as you lack the percentage of melanin required)

  7. AC says:

    Yet people wonder why I carry a G20.

  8. rickyd says:

    Lock and load my brothers.

  9. IslandLifer says:

    jazbo says:
    May 11, 2012 at 9:32 am
    While concealed carry permits continue to rise, and long gun and ammo sales skyrocket. There’a racial war coming in the US, and it won’t be pretty. Especially to the side that will inevitably lose.

    It’s already here and all I hear and read about is whitey getting the boot.

  10. Bloodless Coup says:

    Crackkker puh-leeze!

    The (unwritten) politically correct rule book clearly states that the race of a perpetrator is only relevant and worth noting when it is a white person who attacks a black person.

    Then the attack can be labelled a hate crime and can be shamelessly exploited for political purposes. In addition, it can be cited as evidence of rampant racism and used to induce white guilt and shame.

    In those instances, where a real white person can’t be found to blame for the attack, one can simply subtitute a hispanic person for a white person. But only if there is reason to believe that the hispanic can be passed off as a white person.

    For example, if they happen to be half white and speak without a hispanic accent, (aka the Zimmerman exception) then they are considered fair game and are ripe for political exploitation.

    Do try to keep up with the rules Crackkkers.

  11. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    What you are seeing is groups that deal in racism as capital (ie NBP, Sharpton/Jackson etal Obama/Democrapt party ect), one by one running up and incessantly poking and prodding the sleeping giant.
    Which will be batter up when that giant finally awakes ?

  12. Antisocialist says:

    This is what happens when you stop clinging to the Bible, Jesus and Guns 😀

    and instead of that you start to talk about rights, lower penalties for crimes (most of these people in the picture above should be executed according to God’s law for a whole bunch of crimes, among them disrespecting parents and all of these are doing despite what they’ve been told) and secularism/atheism and allowing heathen to move it.

    Multi culturalism does not work, only mono culturalism works.

    Can’t mix all these crazy cultures you have mixed now, and they sure can’t live side by side without very hard stern laws. Since you no longer have hard stern laws, you get these mobs because they’ve not gotten the fear of the law and no fear of God.

    But they will fear God in the end when they burn in hell, everyone of them in the picture is a hellbound sinner (sucks to be them, and what a wasted life the lived before they got there).

  13. Canis lupus says:

    I wonder how he would feel if HE was picked for a random mahogany beat down. Who would he blame? Something tells me he would not blame the attackers.
    Also, I have to laugh at the fact he hung up when offered reports of these racist attacks.

  14. whotothewhat says:

    I heard about the attack on concert goers in Newark on the radio the other day. Of course they left out the details about the race of attackers and the victims but when I heard it was a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert I could guess the color of the victims then I deduced the color of the attackers. The lame stream media in this country is completely useless and serves no worthwhile purpose anymore.

  15. Gunny G says:

    Where is a JDAM or a flamethrowing tank when ya need one?

  16. nooooobama says:

    Interesting tweet page. He really is an unpleasant person, isn’t he? And found this:

    Disturbing Transcript: Man threatening to kill Hackettstown students said he was ‘gonna be a superstar’

    So he is obviously aware of the trend. Also has a couple of tweets about other incidents, in which he puts the subject “thugs” in quotes. I would think the usage of “thugs” to describe people who commit violence
    would be pretty much accepted by now and not need quotes.

    On another note, geez, if we’re not safe at a Chili Peppers concert, where are we safe? (Don’t answer that.) Wonder if they were fellow concern-goers or just taking advantage of the group demographics (and non-sobriety) at that place and time.

  17. TonyD95B says:

    RE: Gunny G at May 11, 2012 at 2:59 pm:

    I was thinkin’ a couple of Claymores amd an M-60……

  18. John Thomas says:

    This is all out evil. It’s beyond anything that normal people would expect, in that we expect a certain degree of fairness and truth. I guess that’s long gone.

  19. Clingtomyguns says:

    Queally just needs a good solid ass beating at the hands of the “youth” mob he claims were not racially motivated to help jog his memory about what color they were. Might do wonders for his almost certain anti-concealed carry position as well. I’ll bet Queally would be a little queasy about going to Brambelton and Church streets.

  20. jeigheff says:

    I don’t see how evil, lawless people can continue to live among, or near, or even in the same country as reasonably decent, lawful people.

    We’re hearing a lot of sickening stories about gangs of blacks beating up or even killing outnumbered whites, old whites, white kids, etc. I wonder how tough these turds will be when they find themselves in a fight where the odds aren’t overwhelmingly in their favor. What if they find out they’ve bitten off more they can chew, just like Traylon Martin did?

    By the way, Traylon screwed up big time. If he was an experienced thug, he would have known that he should have had at least a dozen of his buddies with him before he assaulted George Zimmerman.

  21. Toa says:

    Looking at that Twitter page, my guess is that this sissy Queally, and his fellow black-thug-worshipping “journalists”, would not have the guts to rise up against this stuff if they ended up on the recieving end of “social justice”. I think of the “Liberal” girl from the Midwest who was murdered in New York City by a Hispanic while she was doing some kind of social service work. Her “Liberal” parents sent a public message to him, offering an apology for anything their daughter might have done to “offend” him.

  22. Sam Adams says:

    Antisocialist says:
    May 11, 2012 at 2:06 pm
    Can’t mix all these crazy cultures you have mixed now, and they sure can’t live side by side without very hard stern laws. Since you no longer have hard stern laws, you get these mobs because they’ve not gotten the fear of the law and no fear of God.

    Unlike virtually all other countries, the US is not united by being a single race, religion, background, etc. What united us was a shared vision of a land of liberty, a place where anyone who tries has a chance to make it regardless of how humble their background. As a Christian nation, too, we felt an obligation to overlook difference; to recognize that the guy sitting next to me or living across the street really is my brother.

    So you are right; the abandonment of Christian principles, along with the development of the people who want things given to them rather than actually earning things has seriously divided us.

    But this shouldn’t be a race war; it must be a war based upon those who really want to live free of oppression and wish to live in economic freedom.

  23. Kell says:

    LOL…there’s nothing going on in that pic that a chaingun wouldn’t rectify! And that fat, rolly-polly, round guy up front there? One 30-06 through that big assed belly and this event would have been cancelled for ‘lack of participants’…wait till his comrades come to collect him up and drop them, too!!! THAT’S how to deal with this shit….

  24. Kell says:

    @AC: I carry a pair of S/W .357’s under the arms, a S/W .40 behind my back in a pancake, and keep a Mossberg 12 guage pump action ‘breech gun’ in the toolbox of my truck….God, I LOVE this country….

  25. dan says:

    a little gas …a zippo …and watch dem feet beatin’ on the Mississippi mud

  26. JooJooB says:

    These morons are engaging in social engineering.. they are not reporting ‘facts’ they are selectively reporting incidents as they want people to view them .. they think they are homogenizing society, but they are meddling with our ability to see and communicate the truth, and they are encouraging the very violence and recklessness they are trying to cover up.

    After Obama is defeated, Americans should ban the MSM from all form of support or recognition. I would like to see their stock shorted into the toilet, and all of them turned out into the street, because their garbage is no longer palatable to the American public.

  27. Cameraman says:

    I would like to see this Weird Beard. walk down By the Joe Lewis arena, after Dark in Detroit, He”d hear “yo Boy!” What a little Pussy commie azzhole, keep lying and soon you”ll be dying!!!!!

  28. ed357 says:




    People need to read “The Talk”…..

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