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May 21 2012

Like Elizabeth Warren, Obama Claims to Be Part Cherokee

Just like the preposterous self-proclaimed mother of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Barack Hussein Obama claims to be part Cherokee:

Ms. Warren’s claims are current and well known, but President Obama’s claims were made back in 1995, when his memoir, Dreams from My Father, was published. On pages 12 and 13 of the 2004 paperback edition, the President unequivocally asserts his Cherokee ancestry …

Unlike Ms. Warren, no one has ever alleged that President Obama may have secured employment due to his claim of Native American ancestry [no need since he’s a mulatto]. Like Ms. Warren, however, the President puts forth his claim with emphatic certitude, although until now no one has sought to ask him to provide evidence to prove it.

Next we’ll learn that Obama is also part lesbian.

Look: proof!

On tips from The MaryHunter and J.

25 Responses to “Like Elizabeth Warren, Obama Claims to Be Part Cherokee”

  1. Louisiana Steve says:

    Obama claims everything but his half white heritage…hmmm, methinks racism may be at play here.

  2. ‘Chief Big Heap’ smoke too much peace-pipe

  3. Harleybob says:

    Me thinks Chief Walking Farts, will say anything to get reelected.

  4. The MaryHunter says:

    Next we’ll learn that Obama is also part lesbian.

    There’s a bonus. The Obaminator now has the Cherokee and GLBT vote shored up, for sure.

  5. chuck in st paul says:

    Big Chief Throwing Bull,
    part white, part black, part Indonesian, part African, part Cherokee

    AND 100% GAPING A$$HOLE!

  6. jazbo says:

    More like: “LOOK! POOF!”

  7. TED says:

    Liberals at PART of a lot of things but for sure they are 100% bullsh*t!

  8. Winston Smith says:

    When is Bathouse Barry going to declare that he is gay or bisexual? Barry is thin and neat.

  9. MissAnthropy says:

    It’s like Manbearpig – half man, half bear, and half pig.

  10. Dr. 9 says:

    He’s as much an Indian as Al $harptongue and Je$$ie Jackass are. But there’s one thing he is for sure. He’s all fag! Don’t let that wife and kids fool you. It’s also why he trembles when he sees The First Ho’s ghetto ass heading his way.

  11. Val says:

    LMAO @ “Next we’ll learn that Obama is also part lesbian.”, since I just just asking that on Facebook…what will he claim to be next?
    He continues “evolving”, it was just last March that he was 1/16 Irish for St Patrick day!

  12. FrankW says:

    I resent that. I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. At least if I claim that I can not be accused of being homophobic. And since I am chiurgphobic (loosely Latin for fear of surgery) I can not be expected to get a chopadichoffomy.

  13. Clingtomyguns says:

    His first bitter-half squaw is also part Klingon. His handlers had a pow-wow and think this should help him pander to Indians on welfare in all 57 states, especially Indiana, and are thinking of moving the Democrap convention to Indianapolis. Chief Full-o-bull from Hopey-Change-Cherokee tribe better hopem he not remindenum America of Indian giver when it comes to his many broken promises.

  14. Bastiat Fan says:

    You know, I would have believed the lesbian thing….if I hadn’t seen him throw a baseball.

  15. Erinyes says:

    Why is it that every dumbass nosebleed Indian always claims to be “Chertokee”? Never any of the myriad other Native American tribes out there. It’s always Cherfokee, for fuck’s sake.

  16. Erinyes says:

    And I need to quit fatfingering the keyboard…

  17. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Yeah, it’s always Cherokee. Myself I’m 1/32 Comanche, but I don’t look it (I heavily favor the Scottish side of my family) and I would certainly never try to get some kind of benefit for it. It’s just an interesting part of my geneology and nothing more. Then again, I’m not a liberal. I guess if I was I would be attempting to claim aggrieved victim status at every opportunity so I can “get invited to dinners” and whatnot.

  18. Festivus says:

    Anti-discrimmination laws were enacted to protect people of color from adverse prejudicial action in the workplace, academia, housing markets and elsewhere. Being a person of color was considered to be a great disadvantage. A person like Warren, for example would have kept her fake Cherokee heritage a secret 50 years ago.

    Now, it’s chic to claim to be a person of color or special heritage in order to gain priviledge in society. Warren pushes the definition of absurdity to its limits with her claim and Obama has likely committed more than one fraud with his own claims.

  19. modd kenwood says:

    nobody can game the system like liberals can…my hats off to ya…you’re fucking shameless about it too

  20. Are any of these Native American names?

    AKOTUS (Ass Kicker Of The United States)
    Alfred E. Obama
    Anointed One, The
    Anti-Founder, The
    B. Hussein Obama
    Bacrack Obama
    Bamster, The
    Barack Hussein Alinsky
    Barack Ilyich Lenin
    Barack Insane Obama
    Barack O’Change Obama
    Barack The Magic Negro
    Barack The Wealth Spreader
    Barack W. Bush
    Barack Ovomit
    Barack Oralbama
    Barack Obabykiller
    Barack Oralsex
    Barack Omelonpatch
    Barackus Hubris Maximus
    Bareass Banana
    Barrack Inseinn O’bowdown
    Barrack SoVain Obama
    Barry Soetoro
    Barry Obowdown, the im-POTUS
    BoBo the Clown
    Bowing Barry Sotero
    Boy President, The
    Bracket Boy
    Brokeback Insane O’Bummer
    Bystander-in-Chief, The
    Captain Clueless
    Captain Kickass
    Captain Teleprompter
    Carter 2.0
    Chairman Zero
    Chairman Mau-Mau
    Chairman Bao
    Chairman Bow
    Che Obama
    Chicago Thug-in-Chief, The
    Chicago Charlatan, The
    Chief Walking Eagle
    Chimpy the Kenyan
    Chosen One, The
    Commander-in-Thief, The
    Community-Organizer-in-Chief, The
    Comrade Obama
    Comrade Chairman Osama bin Bite-Me
    Dear Leader
    Dear Reader
    Demagogue-in-Chief, The
    Depression President, The
    Divider, The
    Dr. DoNothing
    Dr. Utopia
    Duh One
    Ear Leader, The
    Emperor Barack I
    Empty Suit, The
    Empty-Suit-in-Chief, The
    Fraud, The
    Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, The
    Gelding-in-Chief, The
    General Zod (Kneel before him!)
    Gerbil President, The
    God, Jr.
    Great Fraud, The
    His Imperious Majesty Barack the First, President of America, Protector of the People as Long As They Know Their Place and Belong to The Right Unions, Defender of the Privileges Accrued by Attending the Right University, and Scourge of the Rich If They Don’t Contribute To The Democratic Party
    His O’liness
    His Phoniness
    His Travesty
    His “O”ily-ness
    His Holiness Pinocchio Obama
    Hopey-Dopey-Change Goof, The
    Hopiate of the Masses, The
    Hussein HopenChangen
    Jimmy Carter 2.0
    Joker, The
    Jug Ears
    Kenyan, The
    Kenyan Kid, The
    Kid Clueless
    King Barack I
    King Mumbo Jumbo
    King Putt
    King Zero
    Leper Messiah, The
    Liar-in-Chief, The
    Lightbringer, The
    Lightworker, The
    Lord Hussein Obimbo
    Lyin’ King, The
    Man-Child, The
    Man-Child President, The
    Mau-Mauer-in-Chief, The
    Messiah, The
    Mohammedan Mouthpiece, The
    Mr. Magoobama
    Mr. Potato Head
    My Main Marxist
    No-Cojone Pony, The
    No-Go Mojo Man, The
    Nutless Wonder, The
    O-cialist, The
    OOO (Occupant of the Oval Office; a.k.a. “Triple O”)
    Obama bin Laden
    Obama bin Lyin’
    Obama Won Kabuki
    Obama Osama
    Obama-one Yaphony
    Obamessiah, The
    Obammunist, The
    Obie bum Kabrokie
    Obozo the Clown
    Obumbles the Clown
    OediPOTUS Wrecks
    Oh Bow Low
    Oilslick Obama
    Ol’ Jug Ears
    OmniPresident, The
    One Big Ass Mistake, America
    One, The
    One Big Awful Mistake, America
    Osama Obama
    Pantload-in-Chief, The
    Pantywaist-in-Chief, The
    Petulant POTUS, The
    Precedent, The
    Precedent Uhhhhbama (Peace be upon him)
    PresiDEBT of the United States
    President Christ Superstar
    President Doubtfire
    President Final Four
    President Flim-Flam
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    President Pétain
    President Pitching Wedge
    President Poppins
    President Pot Smoke
    President Priss
    President Prissypants
    President Punk
    President Ron Burgundy
    President Seven Iron
    President Sputnik
    President Hopenchange
    President HopeNGrovel
    President Diapers
    Presidunce, The
    Promptee, The
    Pronoun-in-Chief, The
    Punk, The

    Rainbow King, The
    Redistributor-in-Chief, The
    SCOAMF (Stuttering Cluster**** of a Miserable Failure)
    Silver-Tongued Emir of Eloquence, The
    Solomon Obama
    Spineless Wonder, The
    Squanderer-in-Chief, The
    Teh One
    Teh Won
    Teleprompter Jesus
    Teleprompter of the U.S. (TOTUS)
    Teletubbie-in-Chief, The
    Thug-in-Chief, The
    Unicorn King, The
    Unicorn Prince, The
    Usurper-in-Chief, The
    Waffles The Clown
    Whacky Barracky
    Wizard of Uhhs, The

  21. Momster says:

    Oh, A Conservative Teacher says:
    May 21, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    I am so telling that NC teacher on you! Don’t you know that people were put in jail for disrespecting Pres. Bush?!? (If that were true the jails would be filled with nothing but members of the press.)

    I hope Obama gives you a pass on that one. You sure like to live life on the edge.

  22. czuch says:

    I’m 1/4 Punjabi, OOPS wrong Indian!!!
    Idiot losers. Why do they always pick on the noble yet poorly treated Cherokee? Howzabout Black Foot?
    That’ll get ya dinner fer sure.
    I’m sure Twodogsscrewingobama was proud as punch when he and the boys handed it back to Custer and the 7th.

  23. czuch says:

    Oh yea;
    2012/2013,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe sooner

  24. PPs43 says:

    So let me get this straight; Barack Hussein Obama claims to be a fractional Cherokee on his mother’s side but that’s the side of the family he’s ashamed of because of her Caucasian blood. That certainly sounds RAAACCCIIISSST!!!!!

  25. Erinyes says:

    I’m from a tribe, and half Ashkenazi. Does that count?

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