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Feb 14 2020

Likes Galore for Call to Violence Against Whites

Words have different meanings depending on who uses them. When a left-wing person of politically preferred pigmentation refers to “racists,” this is a racial slur referring to Caucasians. For example, a Twitter user going by @nomjinni posted a video compilation of blacks beating up whites. The caption read:

“a thread of racists getting their ass beat for black history month”

This call to racial violence attracted enough attention that @nomjinni had to lock down the account, so the tweet can no longer be seen. But not before it collected 337,600 likes.

Too bad we can’t watch the video anymore. We could see what liberal establishmentarians like Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper have in mind when they wax enthusiastic about leftist immigration and welfare policies reducing whites to minority status in the USA.

On tips from Stormfax and Frances J.

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