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Aug 31 2017

Linda Sarsour Exploits Harvey to Divert Donations to Leftist Political PAC

Militant Islamomoonbat Linda Sarsour, who has called for jihad against the U.S. government, and who became infamous by organizing the pussy hat spectacle in D.C., has been raking in money as a hoaxer and a grifter. For her, Hurricane Harvey was an opportunity to make a buck:

Outspoken Muslim activist Linda Sarsour was excoriated on social media for putting out a tweet asking for donations for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The ostensibly charitable act was undermined when people read the fine print to see where the donations went. …

The link went to a donation page for the “Texas Organizing Project Education Fund,” and described their mission: “Together we will organize and advocate for our devastated communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes, amplifying the needs of hard-hit communities, and providing legal assistance for residents wrongfully denied government support.”

The project is funded by the “Opens Society Foundation,” which was founded by billionaire leftist George Soros.

Thanks to Soros, rats like Linda Sarsour are never short of funds to spend on their cultural Marxist endeavors. But they will cheat dupes out of more when they get the chance.

Not to be outdone, Sheila Jackson Lee is demanding a staggering $150 billion in Harvey aid from federal taxpayers. No doubt she plans to play a major role in seeing how it is dispersed.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Jester.

7 Responses to “Linda Sarsour Exploits Harvey to Divert Donations to Leftist Political PAC”

  1. roccolore says:

    Knowing Sarsour, it all goes to Hamas.

  2. geeknerd says:

    As offensive as Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover is, no one from Texas is gonna kick in their doors and kill a bunch of unarmed cartoonists. One might challenge one of them to a duel of honor, but that’s different.

  3. JackisBack says:

    Look at all of the American unions that have aligned themselves with an Islamic terrorist.

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