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Jul 13 2017

Linda Sarsour: Propagandist, Grifter, or Both?

Pussy hat march organizer Linda Sarsour is a rock star among liberals. Point out that she is an Islamonazi who recently called for jihad against the U.S. government while encouraging Muslims not to assimilate, and they will remind you that she nobly raised funds to restore vandalized Jewish cemeteries. That sure sounds benevolent, but…

Muslim activists Linda Sarsour and Tarek El-Messidi led a high-profile fundraiser in an effort to restore vandalized Jewish cemeteries, promising money to burial grounds across the US, but so far they have failed to deliver on their promise.

Neil Price of the Golden Hill Cemetery in Colorado said he left three voicemails Tuesday for Tarek El-Messidi — the founder of non-profit Islamic education organization Celebrate Mercy — but none was returned. Price is the primary caretaker of the Colorado cemetery…

El-Messidi and Sarsour made public announcements in February that a large portion of the money raised from their campaign “Muslims Unite to Repair Jewish Cemetery” would go to the Golden Hill cemetery.

Price, who does not expect to see any of the money, is not the first to wonder where it went.

Concerns about El-Messidi and Sarsour’s handling of the money were also raised in May when Jewish New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind wrote, “How much of that money — if any — actually went to these cemeteries?” on Facebook.

Sarsour responded to Hikind by calling him a liar.

Looks like she pulled some taqiyya on behalf of Islam and then pocketed the money. This is not out of character; she also raised over $100,000 off a hate hoax.

Sounds clever, combining Islamomoonbat publicity stunts with money-grubbing con games. No wonder her fellow anti-Americans at the ACLU admire her so gushingly:

The ACLU also must love her response to being called out on the cemetery business. She has threatened her critics with lawfare.

On tips from KirklesWorth, Torcer, and Jester.

13 Responses to “Linda Sarsour: Propagandist, Grifter, or Both?”

  1. FromNJ says:

    I’m sure Linda will have a similar response to the latest grifting accusation.
    Maybe she’ll throw in a “Mr. Price is attacking me because I’m Muslim” for good measure so the ACLU will accuse the poor cemetery caretaker of hate crimes.

  2. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Sarsour said, “We are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad in the Middle East and the other side of the world, but here in these United States of America where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House.”

    She also said in the speech, “When I wake up every morning and remember who is sitting in the White House, I am outraged.”

    She is calling for jihad in the US. We should accept her at her word.

  3. StephaneDumas says:

    ACLU: we love jumping sharks and nuking the fridge.

    Edit: Btw, the folks of pol/4chan could check if Linda Sarsour have more hidden skeletons in her closet.

  4. grayjohn says:

    The Anti Constitution Losers Union supports anyone who hates America.
    So, if they support you, I DON”T!

  5. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    The enemies of Christian Civilization for 1400 years utilizing any and all weapons against us? You mean they would actually lie to the dumb infidels as they make preparations to exterminate us everywhere on earth? NO WAY

  6. Silence Dogood says:

    I’ll take all the above for a million Alex…

  7. Silence Dogood says:

    Yep and liberals have been falling for their lies for a thousand years….

  8. George Lortz says:

    I’d like to meet the gullible idiots that donated money to a Muslim to repair a vandalized Jewish cemetery; as long as they don’t mind me laughing hysterically for a long time. What a bunch of maroons.

  9. Agrippa says:

    Mr. Price is a very intelligent man — you will NEVER see a dime from this criminal grifter’s scheme to defraud the American people (which appears to be succeeding quite well, thank you very much). No doubt, most of the funds will go to ISIS and other terrorist organizations (I mean, Linda is such a lover of all things American, isn’t she? The American Criminal Liberties Union says so . . . Who ya gonna believe?).
    As noted, I’d prepare to be sued by these a-holes, Mr. Price — get your legal team ready cause it’s coming for sure, dude!

  10. Pork_Soda says:

    I can’t begin to fathom the agony the woman above suffers/suffered.

  11. JackisBack says:

    Crafty unapologetic nihilistic terrorist

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