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Sep 09 2013

Little Girl Brainwashed Into Reciting Absurd Liberal Dogma Regarding Toys

The moonbats at Ms. Magazine are bent out of shape because toymakers have been marketing girls’ toys to girls and boys’ toys to boys, in accordance with customer taste but in direct violation of liberal dogma, which dictates that there is no difference between girls and boys other than genitalia — and those can be surgically reconfigured to taste. A whole generation of brainwashing has not compelled society (much less biological reality) to comply with their demented ideology. But they do keep trying, with some success, as this video indicates:

If the social engineering masterminds who run most everything could reduce some men to voting for Obama, they may yet get boys to play with the “pink stuff.” But until a polysexual utopia has been achieved, there must be zero tolerance for objective reality regarding toy preferences. Despite his liberal bona fides Larry Summers was reckless enough to say things like this:

I think, while I would prefer to believe otherwise, I guess my experience with my two and a half year old twin daughters who were not given dolls and who were given trucks, and found themselves saying to each other, look, daddy truck is carrying the baby truck, tells me something.

What it should have told him is to shut up about his daughters’ playtime habits. As a result of pronouncements deemed inconsistent with liberal theory on the nonexistence of male/female differences, Summers was drummed out of his position as President of Harvard.

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18 Responses to “Little Girl Brainwashed Into Reciting Absurd Liberal Dogma Regarding Toys”

  1. facepalm says:

    I always liked G.I. Joes, Tonka Toys and baseball cards.

  2. betty says:

    More parents with video cameras hoping to make money. This is an old video and you can hear the parent coaching this child. Sad.

  3. SNuss says:

    The so-called “intelligentsia” should know that “plumbing” isn’t the only biological difference between men and women. It has been shown (scientifically) that the brains of each gender develop differently, so each gender SHOULD act differently. See:

    You might also find the following link interesting:

  4. Laurie says:


    Now you know why liberals are so angry all the time. They weren’t allowed to be kids and instead were severely punished for acting like their biology directed them.

    Speaking generally, girls are naturally nurturing. They play with dolls and play “family” because that’s what biology directs them to do. Granted, there are tomboys, but in general, girls are…well…girls; caring, nurturing, and wanting to build a happy family.

    So what happens when a little girl gets slapped hard every time she tries to show love and caring toward someone or something (even a doll)? You wind up with Hitlery Clinton ( and/or Michelle Hussein ( Bitter, enraged, combative, vindictive, and always striking out against their enemies whether real or imagined.

    Only able to express rage and resentment; never feeling caring or concern for others (“What difference does it make??!!?”) because it was beaten out of them many decades ago when they were punished severely for acting like a girl and caring for someone or something. Now they’re soulless witches who destroy everyone around them as they fight their internal demons.

    THAT’S what happens when liberals get hold of children. And that’s why the liberals must be removed from power before they destroy all life in America.


  5. Libral says:

    Bet her parents are a real hoot.

  6. CGW409 says:

    Being born in 61 I guess I was lucky to be able to have enjoyed all sorts of politically incorrect toys.
    While in an antique mall recently I came across a toy trench mortar like one of the kids down the block had still in the original packaging.
    This would have made moonbat heads explode,big spring loaded(small garage door spring) mortar tube that you’d cock,then you’d drop fairly hefty rubber “shell” down the tube and it’d launch the round across the yard.
    Having never seen the box til now I discovered the box had a cut out hut village so you could mortar Charlie,unfortunately way,way too pricey.

  7. Big Al says:

    I too was born in 61 and feel deprived of not having a trench mortar.

  8. Screwy Puppy says:

    Hey. The indoctrination is in. It’s okay for boys to like girls or boys; it’s okay for girls to like boys or girls.

    Heck. Last night on the ABC Family Channel there was a lesbian kiss. Yeah, on the family channel.

    I guess that’s why their tagline is “a new kind of family.”

  9. Softly Bob says:

    When I was a boy, I played with catapults, bows and arrows, toy guns and frequently set fire to things. Did I ever hurt anyone? No not much, apart from superficial bruises and those were mainly accidental and mostly my own bruises. Why did I never hurt anyone? Because I was taught the difference between right and wrong, that’s why!
    My sisters played with dolls – it’s what they wanted to do. There was no sexist oppression, they could play with guns if they wanted to. I tried to get them to do it, but they weren’t interested.
    We’re different. The two sexes are different. Get used to it. It’s the way God made us!

  10. Leonard Jones says:

    Back in 1969 (I was 13 years old,) my mother had one of
    those big glossy Time-Life coffee table books. The
    subject was psychology. One of the articles was about
    the difference between boys and girls.

    It was an experiment with two toddlers as subjects. The
    setting was a room bisected by a short corral type
    fence. A little girl was separated form a doll on the
    other side of the fence. She sat and cried.

    The boy on the other hand, scaled the fence to get a
    ball in the blink of an eye.

    You can give little girls toy guns and little boys
    Barbie dolls, but they won’t play with them. Only
    liberal dick-heads could be this ignorant of one of
    the most basic principals of human nature!

  11. Flu-Bird says:

    My sister had a origional Barbee doll and i had the orginal large size G.I. Joe and my brother made toy machine guns from a few scraps of wood and some pipe i once even had a battery operated classic Star Trek Phaser. This is more indoctrinaion with the 70s pacfists leftists wanks

  12. Rob says:

    Can anyone tell me if they are unable to watch the videos posted on here? I used to have no problems and now I can’t watch any. Thx anybody.

  13. Bo Jangles says:

    Maybe it’s caused by all the ads, pop-ups and drop-downs. The number of ads on this site is really getting out of control.

  14. CGW409 says:

    Softly Bob
    You got it right half the stuff we did as kids would have us listed as terrorists today.
    We’d build model cars/airplanes/whatever then load them up with firecrackers,M-80s and blow them to bits (you always knew a particularly good one was when you found a hood or bit of landing gear a yard or two away)and we sent my younger brother’s Mego Batman and Robin on one last flaming ride of death thanks to an Estes rocket motor wedged in the Batmobile’s turbine exhaust and a baggie of Cox Glowfuel.
    And I won’t go too much into my sister’s Barbies other than to say that a couple of 10-11 year old boys left to their own devices with a Mattel woodworking kit that’s out of balsa wood or Thingmaker out of Goop can be very creative.

  15. Flu-Bird says:

    A few years ago Robin Williams was in this realy putrid movie called TOYS its consitered one of his all time worst movies

  16. BeforetheStorm says:

    I had Planet of the Apes action figures when I was a kid. The Ms. Mag article and the comments following make me ashamed to be female. Why push your psychosis on your innocent children?

  17. Nutcase says:

    Notice how even though that little girl is obviously indoctrinated with her parents’ liberal ideology, she can’t help but state that boys “do not want pink stuff”. She later contradicts herself, encouraged by her proud father.

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