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Jun 23 2019

Locals Celebrate Murder of Heroine Tara O’Sullivan

The mental discipline required by law enforcement officers to deal with the privileged belligerence of Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation would astonish a Buddhist monk. Sacramento police officer Tara O’Sullivan was shot while responding to a domestic violence situation last Wednesday. She tragically died later that day at age 26. As her fellow officers secured the crime scene, the local community came forth to interact with them, as seen in the video below.

The video shows the residents taunting the cops, praising the shooting of the officer, and even threatening police with more violence.

“Take that gun off. I’ll whoop your little butt,” one woman’s voice can be heard saying. “All y’all cowards.”

Keep in mind those cowards were there to protect a female victim of domestic violence as she attempted to leave a bad situation.

A real coward is someone who attacks those who cannot or will not fight back — like lowlifes who crap in their hands and fling it at the police, knowing that if they are able to provoke so much as salty language, the liberal media and Democrat politicians will swoop down to claim scalps on behalf of the bad guys.

That’s what liberal ideology looks like when it filters down from collegiate ivory towers through the media to the street level.

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