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Apr 08 2020

Locals: Coronavirus Patients Cremated Alive in Wuhan

Since this isn’t out of a horror movie, it must be from a leftist utopia — namely, the one that gave us COVID-19:

Locals in Wuhan, where the Chinese coronavirus pandemic originated, have heard screams coming from funeral home furnaces, and some treated in hospitals say they saw workers put living coronavirus patients in body bags, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on Monday.

RFA noted that it could not independently verify that the Chinese Communist Party was burning coronavirus patients alive, nor has the Communist Party confirmed or denied the rumors. Yet the rumors persist that, to make room for new patients in Wuhan’s overcrowded hospitals, medical staff chose older patients less likely to survive the infection and shipped them to incinerators while they were still alive and conscious.

A rumor like this gets traction in China for three reason: (1) the authoritarian government’s lack of transparency sets the imagination loose; (2) it is completely consistent with the behavior of China’s communist rulers, and not only during the infamous Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution; and (3) it is also consistent with the leftist — i.e., oligarchical collectivist — viewpoint, according to which individuals count for nothing, especially if they are no longer in a position to benefit the state.

America should be heading in the opposite direction, not following China toward ever more ubiquitous and omnipotent Big Government.

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