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Apr 28 2020

Lockdown Will Last Indefinitely in New Jersey

Even as evidence accrues that the lockdowns are unnecessary not to mention counterproductive, liberal governors are in no hurry to lift them. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who mumbles that complying with the Constitution is above his pay grade, plans to impose the state’s devastating lockdown indefinitely:

He said that there needed to be a 14-day trend of reduced cases before any reopening could take place.

Given that the misguided “flatten the curve” strategy prevents the virus from spiking then receding as normally happens, there is no guessing when a 2-week trend of reduced cases could occur. If it doesn’t before fall, another wave of the virus might hit, as with the seasonal flu that it closely resembles in terms of prevalence and mortality.

There are further preconditions for lifting Big Government’s boot from the neck of New Jersey’s economy:

The roadmap he announced included six principals called The Road Back.

1. Sustained reductions in new cases
2. Expanded testing and speedier results
3. Implementing robust contact tracing
4. Securing safe places for people who are diagnosed in the future can isolate

Murphy says they won’t get past #2 for at least another month. “Responsibly restart the economy” is #5.

No amount of free money thrown to the four winds will keep small businesses alive if this continues.

Speaking of free money, Murphy wants to pay illegal aliens $600 per week to reside in New Jersey, even as he strangles the last life out of an already shrinking tax base and the number of Americans out of work in his state climbs toward 1 million.

The only place the money could come from is the federal government, which is already nearly $25 trillion in debt. Financing the profligacy of regional tyrants will require inflating the currency. That is, the money Murphy wants to throw at illegal aliens is the same money you saved for retirement or to put your kids through college.

The longer this lunacy continues, the harder it will be to stop it, as progressive gauleiters like Murphy become accustomed to the COVID-19 dreamworld of unrestricted power and infinite spending.

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