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Jul 15 2020

Lockdowns and Intermittent Energy

If you think COVID-19 lockdowns have been a miserable pain in the neck, imagine enduring them in a country that moonbattery has rendered incapable of providing reliable electricity. That is the situation in the Rainbow Utopia:

Since 2007, intermittent power cuts have contributed to a crippling economy and loss of patience among South Africans who are fed up with Eskom and its baggage. Now, amid a pandemic and countrywide lockdown, load shedding has returned.

Despite promises that the month of July would only see three days of load shedding, the country entered its fourth day of power cuts on Monday. …

The energy crisis is a problem on its own. When coupled with a pandemic, it is a disaster. Employees working from home, students writing exams, businesses already struggling to stay afloat and a citizenry that faces high levels of frustration in lockdown cannot afford to face the increased struggles brought on by a country without power.

South Africans are supposed to work from home due to the ChiCom virus. Many students are still learning from home. But not everyone has their own generator, and Internet connections have been spotty.

The country didn’t always have a hard time keeping the lights on. It once was among the most advanced nations in the world. But there has been a lot of progress since then, in the progressive sense of the term.

The president may use his Sunday night speeches to reassure the country that “we shall overcome”, but that message is lost when there is no electricity to hear it.

In related news, Joe Biden has promised to impose an “equitable clean energy future” at an initial cost of $2 trillion, despite the struggling economy and massive federal debt. His plan would achieve a “carbon pollution-free power sector” and inflict “environmental justice.” Anti-energy radical Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plays a prominent role in Biden’s energy policy. Replacing reliable energy sources with green energy boondoggles in the name of the global warming hoax is likely to result in energy supply issues.

Like most leftists, Biden is a fan of the lockdowns. Now that progressives have had a taste of the power lockdowns give them, we are likely to see more under liberal rule, on whatever pretext. The next round of lockdowns may be spent in the dark.

Once again, South Africa paves a path to our future, just as Zimbabwe has paved a path to South Africa’s future.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Mr. Freemarket.

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