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Nov 01 2019

London Billboard Urges Whites to Get Sterilized

Any advertisement featuring several people or more must include nonwhites, preferably at least 50%. But an exception has been discovered. See if you can figure out why this London billboard includes only white faces:

Already the white birth rate has fallen below replacement levels. This has been used as a pretext to import massive numbers from the Third World. Speaking of which, here’s a message Londoners were treated to 2 years ago:

You might call what they are doing “soft genocide.” The results will be the same as if they rounded up all Caucasians, herded them onto cattle cars, and sent them off to Auschwitz. But with the soft technique, people are less likely to fight back. The more gullible may even display smug self-righteousness as they participate in the demise of their kind.

On a tip from Artfldgr.

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