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Dec 01 2019

London Bridge: Diversity + Welfare = Mayhem

Two strands of moonbattery complimented each other to produce the latest episode of Islamic mayhem on London Bridge on Friday: diversity and welfare.

The bizarre worship of diversity as an end in itself is what has allowed Britain, which had resisted invasion since William the Conqueror in 1066, to become overrun by hostile Islamic colonists.

Speaking of which, London Mayor Sadiq Khan praised diversity in the wake of the latest attack:

“Look, I’m mayor of the greatest city in the world, and one of our strengths is our diversity,” he told reporters shortly the attack by Usman Khan, a convicted radical Islamic terrorist who had been freed from prison on a tag after serving less than half of a 16-year term, which left two dead and three injured.

As this demonstrates, coddling of criminals is yet another means by which liberalism facilitates terrorism.

Khan went on to imply that the violence resulting from diversity was caused by opposition to diversity:

“But we do know there are people out there who hate out diversity, hate what we stand for, and are trying to seek to divide us”, he added — although his grounds for appearing to suggest that terrorists despise Britain for being diverse were unclear.

It is true that Muslims oppose diversity, but not in the racial/ethnic sense. They find it intolerable that there are still non-Muslims in Britain. Unless the country changes course, there won’t always be.

Another contributing factor to Islamic terrorism is the extravagantly generous welfare state. Not only does it drive diversity by encouraging welfare colonization by the Third World, but it pays potential terrorists to fester rather than assimilate. It also frees up time for plotting mass murder.

Mickey Kaus documented the link between welfare and Islamic terrorism back in 2001. As he noted,

The point isn’t simply that many terrorists take advantage of Western welfare states, the same way they take advantage of Western freedoms and Western technology. The point is that extreme anti-social terrorist ideologies (radical Islam, in particular) seem to breed in “oppositional” cultures supported by various government welfare benefits.

Regarding Usman Khan,

The London Bridge terrorist who killed two innocent people during [Friday’s] rampage had previously boasted about his UK benefits while plotting a “Mumbai-style attack”.

You might say the bloodshed on London Bridge was British tax money at work.

On tips from Kate P and Rapinhoe. Hat tip: Instapundit.

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