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Jun 12 2018

London Fashion Week Men’s Panders to Liberal Agenda

To glimpse a future in which moonbats are triumphant, turn to the world of high fashion. London Fashion Week Men’s is described as a “fashion incubator” that “has helped many of the current generation of British designers.” It wrapped up Monday, confirming that the degenerate moonbattery seeping like a sea of slime out of the fashion industry exceeds any mess Servepro could handle:

Chinese designer Xander Zhou’s collection featured a male model with a fake bump on show, wearing jeans and a white t-shirt reading “New World Baby”.

“We’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy,” the designer said in an Instagram post.

Speaking of the scientifically improbable, the show also promoted the global warming hoax:

Christopher Raeburn, a specialist in environmentally conscious fashion, used NASA images showing melting ice caps to create a modern and socially engaged collection entitled “REACT NOW”.

The main theme appeared to be the demasculinization that has been such a prominent item on the liberal agenda lately.

Male models wearing evening dresses, mini-skirts or opting to go bare-chested featured heavily.

A heavily-applauded design saw transsexual model Munroe Bergdorf strut the catwalk dressed only in a pair of black boots and a long, torn t-shirt with the words “High concept character”.

The outfits also featured “a touch of hippie sensibility — jackets worn with shorts and flower chains.” This is what they would have men wear.

Unless you want the Western world to look like a London fashion show, resist moonbattery at every opportunity.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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