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Nov 07 2018

“Long Time No See” Now Un-PC

These days, the slightest infraction against political correctness can destroy your career. That’s why it is essential that you keep your Newspeak Dictionary updated on a daily basis. The latest banned phrase is “Long time no see”:

That’s according to a student, Katrina Leibee, who writes for the campus paper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian. Leibee met with Zahra Al-Saloom, director of diversity and inclusion at [Colorado State University], who showed her a list of terms and phrases considered contrary to the university’s mission of fostering inclusion.

“Long time no see” is allegedly racist against Asians, although the expression has been around so long that no one knows how it originated.

Also, be sure not to say “you guys,” because that would be sexist.

Eventually, they will whittle our vocabulary down to liberal bumper sticker slogans. From there, it will be a short step to subverbal grunts. At that point, utopia will be achieved.

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