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Jun 26 2012

Looking Forward to RNC, New Black Panthers Call for Bloodshed

Barack Hussein’s buddies in the New Black Panthers can’t wait for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, to judge by their tweets. Via Gateway Pundit:




These maniacs have connections to the White House, which has granted them a get out of jail free card. Yet the death threats they shriek aren’t deemed newsworthy by the “mainstream” media.

On tips from StanInTexas and J.

36 Responses to “Looking Forward to RNC, New Black Panthers Call for Bloodshed”

  1. Louisiana Steve says:

    Get those CCW’s people and arm yourselves now!

  2. john s says:

    What their malformed simian brains fail to realize, is that without “crackers” to pay for their welfare checks, they’ll have no money to buy crack and malt liquor.

  3. Rotohammer says:

    Something fishy about these tweets. Do they sound like the writings of angry racist black idiots? They sound more like the writings of idiot liberal operatives trying to sound like angry racist black idiots.

  4. House of Kell says:

    LOL…I’m looking forward to seeing you, too…Fla. is a stand your ground state, remember, so try not to run, ok?

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  6. Clingtomyguns says:

    Tampa will be a time where quite a few George Zimmerman’s show up to greet the NBP’s. Power to the pink people!

  7. LMMA says:

    I’ve got the Public Enemy logos ready for the punks. Except there is a R.I.P. logo in the center. Place one on each of their chests as they rot from my round! Screw it, let’s play Stand Your Ground!

  8. LMMA says:

    Just the Klan of another color.

  9. TonyD95B says:

    As Wilberforce asked in an earlier thread, what’s .45 ACP cost these days?

    F#ck ‘Em.

    RE: Rotohammer at June 26, 2012 at 2:30 pm:

    Rotohammer drills deep and pounds home an interesting observation with, “Something fishy about these tweets. Do they sound like the writings of angry racist black idiots? They sound more like the writings of idiot liberal operatives trying to sound like angry racist black idiots.”

    Yeah, could be – but that’s sort of redundant anyway, they’re all interconnected, and…..h#ll, why take the chance?

    ‘Cause F#ck ‘Em, that’s why!

  10. Path says:

    I believe that obama/Holder and their ilk are setting this whole thing up. There is no reason for violence in Tampa unless, of course, Obama needs a reason to call off elections or such. Yes, we are a state that allows legal gun carry in accordance with our 2nd Amendament rights – let’s keep it that way be voting against obama in November.

  11. FrankW says:

    idiot liberal operatives = angry racist black idiots
    angry racist black idiots = idiot liberal operatives
    What is the difference?
    Kinda like Jeff Dunham trying to impersonate himself.

  12. RiderInTheNight says:

    I’m locked, loaded and standing my ground. Not scared of those retarded colored boys.

  13. SNC says:

    Bring it on MFers….. Tampa is NOT LA and Florida is NOT Mexifornia. We still drive Chevy and Ford trucks around here and will be waiting for ya……. Bring it on.

  14. jtm371 says:

    bring it on thugs and say hello to my friend H&K it never lets me down but you will go down.

  15. Sgt Stadenko says:

    Yet the death threats they shriek aren’t deemed newsworthy by the “mainstream” media.

    I’d like to think this is because most of the Media think the NBPP are a bunch of loud-mouthed buffoons and not worthy of media attention.

    I’d like to think that…

  16. -Snap says:

    Nobody is hiding. Come get us big talker!

  17. jeigheff says:

    This past weekend, I did something I’d pondered for a months, even years: I bought a gun. When and if they come, I can’t stop the savages all by myself. I’m no superman. But I’m not going to stand by and do nothing should my wife and neighbors be attacked.

    I live in Austin, Texas. Good ol’ liberal (gag) Austin, Texas.

  18. Dr. 9 says:

    Fact #1: Blacks are notorious cowards unless they’re in a large group and have you greatly outnumbered, or get the chance to sucker-punch you.

    Fact #2: It’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

    Fact #3: A gun is useless unless you have the balls (and the brains) to use it.

  19. Laurie says:

    Let ’em try it. Florida has the “Stand Your Ground” law, and there are a lot of legally armed citizens.

    When the smoke clears and there are a lot of NBPP corpses on the ground, then the shooters can tell the LameStream Media Juan Williams’ line: “Hey, people die”.

  20. wingmann says:

    jtm371 says:
    June 26, 2012 at 5:32 pm bring it on thugs and say hello to my friend H&K it never lets me down but you will go down.

    HK93A3….oh yeah

  21. Swamp Music says:

    Carry your weapons and keep your eyes open White Folk. Don’t stand out in the crowd, stay small and unnoticed. When it happens be ready and do what you have to do.

    Don’t get suckered, it may be a trap as someone above posited. Could be phoney tweets. But as we all know, the negro will strike at every opportunity, so be aware and don’t give it to him. Use the same caution you would use if you were out in the bush, or in the swamp. Because after all, you are dealing with a wild and untamed animal. You know his environs and his habits.

    You are well aware of his proclivities and his animal lust for blood. Keep your family close and be ever watchful, these are the times we live in now.

  22. Bloodless Coup says:

    “Eric Holder Refusing to Hand Over Documents about Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists in the USA”

  23. rickyd says:

    It’s a monkey thing………….you wouldn’t understand.

  24. james says:

    Eric Holder wishes them success in killing Honkies.

  25. whotothewhat says:

    Looks like Obama and Holder are getting ready to release the hounds. This Nov is going to get quite interesting.

  26. House of Kell says:

    If y’all live in a liberal controlled areas, with a large, ignorant black entitled population, I STRONGLY suggest you begin making plans to relocate soon…I have my family coming here to my home, friends, family and ‘like minded’ folks, the cities ARE going to be destroyed, funny thing is, their STILL too fucking stupid to realize there’s no money left to fix what their about to destroy and its going to be funny watching them try to live in the rubble through these cold Ohio winters…fuck them!

  27. House of Kell says:

    @Whotothewhat: LOL…I have BIGGER ‘hounds’…my ‘hounds’ range from 128 grain hollow point 9mm hounds to the 185 grain hollow point 30-06 & 308. ‘hounds’, pistol and high powered rifle ‘hounds’ and a bunch of ‘hounds’ in between…and I’ve been shooting for a VERY long time! (former airborne ranger/ sniper, 77 thru 91)…that’s a LONG time shooting long distances! They really don’t stand a chance against something like me with a rifle!

    Guys? I don’t want this fight, but I’m NOT going to become a statistic, nor is my family, either!
    Bring it if they must…but I’d much rather they stayed at home and left us alone…up to them, I guess!

    One shot, one kill!

  28. Jeff says:

    I suspect that antichrist Obama will create a false fall event as a pretext to suspend the Nov elections and the Constitution. Given this guys ego, I find hard to believe he would willing step down, should he be voted out of office. The SHTF very very soon.

  29. Cameraman says:

    Here In Michigan we like to use Bait Piles, I think a Pair of Air Jordans, and a 40oz”er will do very Well about 200 Yds away..Ready..Aim…

  30. ShadowLands says:

    Declaring war on whitey, eh?


    Say “when.” 😉

  31. EXFED4 says:

    Whoever these tweeter are, they are little more than manipulative cowards, whose real work is to get those with even lower mentalities to do their dirty work for them – just like those demon islamists, who strap bombs to children and the mentally infirm.

  32. 70Stage1 says:

    Rotohammer & Tony D, I’m with you. That doesn’t look or sound like brothaspeak to me. White libs stirring it up, that’s what I think.

  33. Vic Kelley says:

    Wow such bravado. So the coloreds are going to start a race war? These black panther pussies are too late it’s been going on for 50+ years. It’s more commonly called “crime” or “black-on-white crime” but it is a race war.

    Anyway these cowards aren’t likely to do anything courageous like attack a police station or army barracks. Instead, a group of them will attack a lone, elderly white or something equally dishonorable.

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