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Aug 10 2011

Looters Literally Steel the Clothes Off Britons’ Backs

Is there anything Britain’s deliberately imported and government-subsidized underclass won’t loot from the hated white man? Of course not, not even the shirt on his back. Via Fox Nation:

stripped naked london looting riots

The Mail Online explains:

This picture shows the shocking depths the thugs were prepared to plumb — stealing the clothes from a man’s back.

The taller, broader man already holds a pair of white and green trainers and a white T-shirt in his hands. Now, it seems, he wants the trousers too.

The shorter man dutifully removes his jeans, leaving only his dark blue underpants and his white socks.

There you have it: left-wing politics boiled down to a single image.

On tips from Mats and Byron Q.

69 Responses to “Looters Literally Steel the Clothes Off Britons’ Backs”

  1. AC says:

    Robbers can have my pants, when they pull them from my cold, dead body.

  2. Jay says:

    It happens to the best of us, but wanted to mention a possible correction from “steel” in the headline to “steal”. Love the blog, btw! Keep it up!

  3. Sir Winston’s spinning in his grave at 10,000 rpm

  4. .ServantoftheLord says:

    And this is why we will never give up our guns.

  5. Gyorgy Soros says:

    Sorry to see Dork Eric humiliated on his first vacation to the UK.


  6. Louisiana Steve says:

    Two reason why this won’t happen in the USA…
    1. Obama would not allow this to happen.
    2. The police will arrive before his shorts hit the ground.
    3. Teens and youths are multi-cultural and sympathetic to all.
    4. Everyone is too busy working to do this sort of thing.

    Just kidding folks.

  7. AC says:

    Sorry to see Dork Eric humiliated on his first vacation to the UK.

    The robbery victim is wearing male underwear.

    Dead giveaway it isn’t Eric.

  8. Gyorgy Soros says:

    But the wimpy legs and female arms….it MUST be!

    My guess his ‘regalia’ was confiscated at Heathrow (for ‘personal’ use by the border agents, you know) and he was forced to buy the latest fashion at Marx and Spencer.

  9. Toa says:

    You can’t see all the details in the photo, but it looks like the Black guy is just standing there giving orders, unarmed. If that’s the case, it makes me wonder if it ever occurred to any folks in this district being roughed up to offer any resistance…I think they call it “fighting back”…!?!

  10. Brian_Boru says:

    A good old fashioned lynchin’ is in order.

  11. Festivus says:

    The oppressed dude is on the right.

    Actually, I had to laugh at what The Jawa Report had on this (“Guardian report on London riots omits the race or ethnicity of rioters…”). They were writing about how the British media was reporting that Jewish people were apparently in the streets while failing to mention the race of most everyone else involved.

    The caption for the photo was “Man is forced to strip, non-Jewish looking person already has the man’s shoes” lol

  12. last conservative in Vermont says:

    Molon Labe

  13. You Do That Voodoo says:

    @Jay: “steel” …it was a suit of armor. 🙂

  14. Gyorgy Soros says:

    Hey Dave,

    Did you know there is banner straight up on the website with a picture of the UN flag promoting degrees at Norwich University (presumably in the UK) offering majors in

    Conflict Management and Terrorism


    F you strip to your shorts and you get a PhD!

  15. FreedomFux says:

    It’s a cuuuuulture issue, stupid.

  16. Fiberal says:

    We have the same problem here with BO.

  17. Incitatus says:

    Mob with Brass Knuckles “Randomly” Attack White Bicyclist in Philly… (VIDEO)

  18. Dr. Dave says:

    This is MY approach to the problem:


    Richard the LION HEART would have had those heathaens sent to the chopping block and had them all beheaded

  20. Winston Smith says:

    Send Mel Gibson over there.

  21. Winston Smith says:

    The shirtless guy is a real “block head” whose head consists of various gray and earth tone blocks.

    He shouldnt have left home without a baseball bat.

  22. Jodie says:

    Once again, I’m going out on a limb to try to reach non-believers.

    Christians have long warned about the upcoming seven year period of great tribulation. There will increased earthquakes, famines, riots, rebellions, people embracing wickedness, and many nations gathered against Israel. All one has to do is check, The Blaze and/or the Drudge Report to see that we are headed for just that.

    Obama has decided that Jerusalem is not part of Israel. He wants half of it to belong to Palestine. It is being reported this morning that the White House has scrubbed references to Jerusalem, Israel from its websites. There is a court battle going on in which Obama is trying to put a stop to Israel being named as the nation that Jerusalem belongs to on passports.

    Obama is totally destroying the United States and working diligently to destroy Israel.

    These things have all been prophesied by Christian Evangelicals for years.

    I just pray that others will become interested in all of this and passionate about it. It is actually very comforting if you understand the big picture.

  23. Carmen says:

    Jodie – I love your posts – never give up!!

  24. Alan says:

    Maggie Thatcher: “Every Prime Minister needs a Willie.”

    Britain could use a PM with a Willie now.

    The “Willie” was William Whitelaw, a conservative Deputy PM to Thatcher. Part of one of his speeches can be heard at the end of Gerry Rafferty’s “Garden of England” (a good song to pick up).

    “We Conservatives have always maintained the need for an experiment with a tougher regime for depriving young football hooligans of their leisure time. I can announce today that the experiment promised in our election manifesto is to begin in Surrey … These will be no holiday camps. We will introduce on a regular basis drill, parades, and inspections … from 6:45am ’til lights out at 9:30pm. Life will be conducted at a brisk tempo.”

  25. Jodie says:


    Thanks you so much! I really needed that! 🙂

  26. Pete says:

    “There you have it: left-wing politics boiled down to a single image.”

    Spot on…

  27. Dookiestain LaFlair says:

    People who think the world is ending should have no say in what path America will take for the future.

  28. Jodie says:


    It seems that none of us have a say in what’s happening to America anymore. Right?

  29. AC says:

    People who think the world is ending should have no say in what path America will take for the future.

    Does the same sentiment apply to the batshit crazy Iranian mullahs who not only believe in end times but are also hell-bent on bringing them about through nuclear war?

  30. Jodie says:

    Great point AC!

    I know that you don’t have the same beliefs as I do and I appreciate that you don’t condemn me.

    I also greatly appreciate your posts. I have learned a ton from you over the years.

  31. Jay B. says:

    .ServantoftheLord says:
    Exactly. Feral mobs looting and stealing, humiliating innocents? Should it happen here in Texas, you would see the crowd screaming like wild animals and disperse the second the thug fell down, riddled with bullets after demanding that a kid half his size give his clothes. Do you think he NEEDED the clothes? Nope, he just wanted to humiliate an innocent. Heck, he probably had an erection doing this.

  32. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Disgusting. The nigger (yes, nigger) holding his shoes should instead have at least one of them implanted into its groin with its balls hanging from its ass doing an asphalt snow angel in a spreading pool of his own proto-human blood.

    Better wake up disarmed Yankees along the eastern seaboard. Monkey-see-monkey-tweets-then-monkey-do. It’ll be on the ObamaMobs’ menu this afternoon.

  33. Dookiestain LaFlair says:

    Yes, AC it most certainly does.

  34. Dookiestain LaFlair says:

    That can’t be the real Amberlamps, he wouldn’t use a slur like that. Jodie, now that you mention that I must agree that the common person has no say in the government. Nor does anyone that is guided by reason and logic apparently.

  35. Jimbo says:

    It’s amazing how docile thieves/looters/black punks become when faced with a black hole (measuring 9mm in diameter) looking them between the eyes. In fact, they sometimes get so relaxed and docile they piss themselves. That’s relaxed! =-]

    This is why gentlemen outnumber thieves in Texas by a HUGE margin. HUGE! God bless Texas and God bless John Browning.

  36. Dr. 9 says:

    Britain has evolved into a nation of PC’ized pansy’s. Now they’re going to pay the price for it.

  37. Ted says:

    The taller broader man? ROFLMAO He’s black. He aint’ ashamed of it why are you jerks avoiding stating the obvious?!

    And here is the most jackass bullshit headline I ever saw in my life.

    Ya think? ROFL Idiots. They’re filthy racist PUNKS who need to do this shit to some innocent white ARMED citizens. Bring it my way.

  38. Tom UK says:

    If these thugs come to my street in North London, they will get their first and last lesson in British history- the efficiency of the English archer.

  39. Max & Eric says:

    Hail the amberlamps…..Amen, Always leave the house knowing this is going to happen. Always be armed .Fight for your life, Never trust anybody, black or white. Fucking Cannibals

  40. Mickey Shea says:

    Remember the scene in National Lampoon European Vacation
    when Chevy Chase hits the english guy on the bicyle with his car and the english guy falls all over himself apologizing like it was his fault for getting in his way…they have long been known for wimpiness and this pic proves it

  41. Jess says:

    “God bless Texas and God bless John Browning.”

    Don’t forget the .30 caliber Winchester as well…

  42. FreedomFox says:

    I see that some cowardly imbecile has all the argumentative capacity of a kindergartener.

    That said, do you think this would have happened in a culture that supports gun ownership and self-defense? No, the thug would have been on the ground watering the tree of liberty, or anticipating such an outcome would not have attempted to rob the man in the first place.

    How many people in those flash mobs would you bet are Conservative, Evangelical Christians, or both? I’d place mine with “not many” to “none”.

    Though such a comparison is generally to be avoided as it is far overused, replace “blacks” with “Aryans” and “whites” with “Jews”, and turn back the clock to about 1935. Perhaps put in “Bolsheviks” and “Bourgeois counterrevolutionaries”, with the wayback machine set to about 1917. It’s the same mentality, the same race warfare mixed with class warfare that has been pushed by Socialist con artists for nearly a century now.

    Fortunately, white people here have the luxury of being in the majority and being capable of arming ourselves. I suggest that these advantages be leveraged while they are still available and effective. Unfortunately, it may already be too late to win the culture war before it turns into a shooting war.

  43. Tom UK says:

    Mickey, we once ran half the world and did so while proudly remaining very polite and civilised among ourselves.

    Things went downhill for us after a series of ill-advised foreign adventures and the exploitation of our famous civility by liberals and their imported hordes.

    Wilding mobs of primitives aren’t exclusive to this country, and nor are those who have been brainwashed.

  44. Pete says:

    I dont know the reason behind the anti-brit “macho” remarks. I would like to see any of you in the same situation. “Rambos” only in Hollywierdo because in real life “Rambos” are in the graveyard.

    If a few million armed Mexican invaders did the same thing in the USA, in the first few weeks many in the southern parts (armed to the teeth or not) would be at their mercy. Concern yourselfs about preparing instead of acting “macho”.

    PS – “Female arms”?!? Where do you live? Steroidville?

  45. Jess says:

    “I would like to see any of you in the same situation.”

    Ahem. I was in similar (to the London) situations, except the other side was also armed & returning fire… and there are many thousands of my fellows here.

  46. Pete says:

    By “same situation” i mean “alone, unharmed and with a few hundred hate-filled wild animals around you”.

  47. Proud Kuffar says:

    Pete is completely correct. I live in South Texas where just south of the Rio Grande the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas are in amidst of a brutal gang war in which city shootouts and massacres are a routine coincidence. If the various cartels decide that they are bored with pushing drugs and band together for a La Raza-style Aztlan Reconquista of the Southern United States, we would all be screwed. Many of these cartels now have armored humvees outfitted with 50 cal machine guns, so they are no joke.

    Check out this narco-ironclad built by them:

  48. Proud Kuffar says:

    I’m sorry that link was to a picture of a TANK built by a drug cartel in Mexico.

    Here is the article about a narco-submarine that was seized:

  49. Brian_Boru says:

    Time for a Johnny Rebel song.

  50. RICH says:

    Did he try to run away? I’m surprised this pansy didn’t assume the doggy position. He could have easily gotten his teeth kicked in even after complying with this gorilla.

    +8 goes to the merciful gorilla for not physically harming this poor man. See these animals aren’t so bad. It could’ve been much worse.

  51. WoofWoof says:

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  52. TonyD95B says:

    And to think – I can remember when “Anarchy in the UK” was a Sex Pistols song and not a headline or BBC news bulletin.

    Anarchy in the UK

    Right! NOW! ha ha ha ha ha

    I am an anti-christ
    I am an anarchist
    Don’t know what I want but
    I know how to get it
    I wanna destroy the passer by cos I

    I wanna BE anarchy!
    No dogs body!

    Anarchy for the U.K it’s coming sometime and maybe
    I give a wrong time stop a traffic line
    your future dream is a shopping scheme

    cos I, I wanna BE anarchy!
    In the city

    How many ways to get what you want
    I use the best I use the rest
    I use the enemy
    I use anarchy cos I

    I wanna BE anarchy!

    Is this the M.P.L.A
    Or is this the U.D.A
    Or is this the I.R.A
    I thought it was the U.K or just
    another country
    another council tenancy

    I wanna be anarchy
    and I wanna be anarchy
    Know what I mean
    And I wanna be anarchist!

  53. TonyD95B says:

    Yeah….”Get PISSED……DESTROY !

    The Loopy Loony Liberal mantra.

    While I’m sharing this punk-rock flashback, youtube has a good vid…..

  54. RICH says:

    WoofWoof, you are one sick individual.

    TonyD, very fitting. I got one too.

    Green Day’s “Minority”

    I pledge allegiance to the underworld
    One nation under dark
    There of which I stand alone
    A face in the crowd
    Unsung, against the mold
    Without a doubt
    Singled out
    The only way I know

    ‘Cause I want to be the minority
    I don’t need your authority
    Down with the moral majority
    ‘Cause I want to be the minority

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    “For crying out loud”, she screamed unto me
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    Fuck ’em all
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    ‘Cause I want to be the minority
    I don’t need your authority
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  55. Eoin says:

    I actually look FORWARD to some thug asshole demanding I strip down…

    Unbuttoning my trousers will only make it that much easier to retrieve the 1911 held in place by my SmartCarry ™ holster.

    9mm may expand, but .45 never shrinks.

    .45ACP – Telling you to fuck your mother, 230 grains at a time.

  56. Canis lupus says:

    Long time lurker here. Love the site.

    As far as the picture is concerned, the black asshole robbing said white man is doing so because he poses no threat. This may be because,
    1- There are more black assholes that are not shown on camera.
    2- The white man is smaller in stature, does not have a hard look and basically appears to pose no threat.
    3- The white man believes the nonsense that since the agressor is black there is no chance of defending himself.

    Blacks attack in packs. They pick and choose their victims. If the “vic” or “herb” looks like they can defend themselves, they move on to the next victim.

    Basically, blacks are cowards.

  57. Conservative Behemoth says:

    Guns are for shooting black punks. Get armed. Get free.

  58. AC says:

    I dont know the reason behind the anti-brit “macho” remarks. I would like to see any of you in the same situation. “Rambos” only in Hollywierdo because in real life “Rambos” are in the graveyard.

    Most of us are armed, some of us to the teeth.

    The typical American lives in lower density surroundings than the typical Brit.

    I get 100 rounds before I have to reload. Feral looters like these young, cowardly punks are not going to charge that, even if you remove the open space difference between a row of London flats and the typical American suburb.

    You also aren’t taking into account husband/wife, neighbor/neighbor, or shopkeeper/employee defensive shooting teams.

    Packs of punk youth are not going to charge one or more qualified shooters with long arms.

    Rambo fought legions of trained individuals armed with military equipment and hardware. These punks are cowards armed with rocks and knives.

    There’s nothing Rambo about holding off looters with appropriate firepower.

  59. Eoin says:

    Conservative Behemoth:

    I disagree… guns are for shooting punks.

    Punks come in with all manner of tint option packages installed from the factory.

    Just because liberalism has rotted a fair deal of the darker-toned amongst us into savages we must not go down the path of painting all those with better sunlight tolerance than my northern European heritage skin tone with the same brush.


    Right on. When liberals ask me why I choose to be armed and ask what I’m afraid of that makes me arm my self I simply say, “not much.”

  60. Seamus says:

    They’d have to beat me unconscious before I gave them anything. I could probably have taken at least 2 of them before that happened. I feel bad for that guy because A. he was robbed and humiliated B. he didn’t have the guts to fight back.

  61. Eoin says:


    As a former U.S. Marine and qualified Marine Corps Martial Arts instructor, I’m a bit more capable than most in the art of beating down assholes.

    Given that this poor fellow probably was vastly outnumbered (what we call a disparity of force), his means of fighting back, guts or not, were not going to be productive. Even given my background and training, I wouldn’t dare take on more than three or four unarmed attackers when I myself am unarmed. Give me a weapon of opportunity, and that ratio goes up a bit. Give me my rifle… and well… let’s just say the deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle.

    Sometimes it is wisest to live to fight another day.

  62. Pete says:


    …im specifically talking about the situation that the picture portrays and nothing else! Some unarmed guy that suddenly found himself in the middle of a pack of hate-filled anti-white animals. Some people were calling him a pansy and i stated that i would like to see how they would react if they were in his shoes.

    I agree with your post, the wild animals agree too since racial attacks in the USA only happen where no guns are allowed.

    However i maintain what i said about Mexican invaders, if a few millions go ape and a few hundred thousands are well armed – population, police and military forces would be completly shocked, clueless and helpless in the first few days/weeks.

  63. Incitatus says:

    Color-blind marionettes are getting really insufferable.

  64. Joek Loth says:

    Pete, I completely agree with you. Ive said that to a few people. I live in southwestern Ohio and between the angry blacks , ill-legal mexican scum, union thugs and LIEbrals, us sane people who GET IT would be hard pressed to repel all the VICTIMS IF THEY all went batshit crazy all at once. Espescially the wetbacks, I sweaR it seems like the racial ratio is like 50% angry white hating blacks, 50% dumbass illiterate ill-legals, 25% dumbass white guilt ridden dumbasses and 25% people who GET IT!! (Yeah, I know!!) Hell, there’s a formerly all white, 5 store little mini-strip mall here that has (ALL mEXICAN) bakery, mini mart, grocery store, cafe and a bar (that used to be my “2 minute walk to and 20 minute walk home bar that was called CHEERs of all things!!) But I digress. I surmise that this mini mall is producing and providing all of the ill-legals with fake documentation. Of course I have no proof but given the amount of ill-legals around here, I bet it would be a good place for I.C.E (if they’re going to prosecute/deport/execute not imprison them with my tax dollars going for their legal counsel and life support and not ignore it/them) to start an investigation. But Noooo, that would be too much like work.


    England should reintroduce the hooded headsman and start separating a fews looters heads from their bodies

  66. shukov says:

    Somebody slap this sick bastard “WoofWoof”.

  67. wingmann says:

    There you have it: left-wing politics boiled down to a single image.


  68. Cameraman says:

    I have to Agree with my fellow Marine, to some extent, you need to weigh your options ,when overwhelmed, However if your going to get a beat down, its in your best intrest to go Insane, and start the fray, with as much hate as you can Muster, Bit a ear off gouge a eye, it may give the other punk, some pause, for you to affect, a withdrawal..I speak from experience..Marines don”t run away, they run into the Fight! Semper Fi

  69. […] The greedy scum on the streets of Britain are a dream come true for the leftist chattering class. Only when civilization has been completely torn down can the nightmare of progressive absolutism be established. Applied liberal ideology. […]

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