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Aug 12 2019

Los Angeles Assemblymoonbat Sides With Rats Against Humans

Progressives always self-righteously side with “them” versus “us.” In the dystopia subsidized homelessness is making of Los Angeles, it comes down to humans versus the burgeoning rats that spread serious diseases like typhus. Guess whose side leftist local authorities take. That’s right, the side of the rats.

California Assemblyman Richard Bloom of hoity-toity Santa Monica wants to ban second-generation rat poisons. (The rats developed immunity to first-generation poisons.)

He is worried about “predatory species, such as raptors, bobcats, and foxes (that) regularly consume rodents as part of their diet. Poisoned rodents also become more lethargic and exhibit abnormal behavior” according to an analysis of the bill.


The analysis says that data is “less conclusive in pointing to (rat poisons) as the specific cause of death in necropsied animals.”

Hawks dying from the rat poison is theoretical, like CO2 exacerbating global warming.

What is not theoretical is the threat LA’s exploding rat population poses to humans.

Typhus cases spread by fleas hosted primarily by rats numbered 109 in 2018, having more than doubled in seven years.

People die of typhus, which has already reached epidemic levels in Los Angeles. Rats have even carried it into City Hall. Some suspect that bubonic plague, also spread by rats, is already present in LA.

Another threat that is not theoretical but actual is posed by wind turbines, which kill hundreds of hawks every year. These turbines are subsidized by the same sort of moonbats who would ban rat poison.

Too bad we can’t just send in a few thousand feral cats; there is no shortage. But with today’s rats, that might not work out:

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