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Mar 26 2018

Los Angeles Considers Free Housing for All Transients

The homelessness problem in Los Angeles is already out of control. But you ain’t seen nothing yet:

The Los Angeles City Council Friday is considering a motion that would enact a plan to provide housing for every transient in the city, as it continues to grapple with a housing shortage which has spiked rents and sent thousands of people into homelessness.

Lightening up on the excessive regulations that drive the cost of housing into the sky in California is not an option, because that would run contrary to the agenda of the progressives in charge.

The 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count found that 57,794 people are living on the streets of L.A. County, a 23 percent jump from the year before. Within the city of L.A., that number is more than 34,100.

Check back a year after word spreads throughout the USA and beyond that this sanctuary city in a sanctuary state offers free housing to anyone who shows up and asks. Los Angeles may soon be the most populous city in the world. There won’t be much of a tax base though, because anyone who works for a living will be forced to flee rather than be taxed into poverty to subsidize other people’s poverty.

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2 Responses to “Los Angeles Considers Free Housing for All Transients”

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