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Sep 29 2019

Los Angeles Has Fallen

Since we got Democrats out of the White House, the economy has been booming. Unemployment is at a historic low. Yet the homeless situation in California continues to spiral out of control. Slightly Offens*ve ventures into the moonbat dystopia of Los Angeles to show us how intolerable the situation has become:

This is the price of single-party liberal rule. The Democrat Party is an alliance of authoritarian elitists and the dysfunctional poor against the middle class. Where Democrats have cleared the battlefield of opposition — which they have been able to do in California thanks to mass immigration — the middle class shrivels and dies. The liberal elite ruling class lives extravagantly; the rest live with the rats.

Meanwhile, we have to listen to zillionaire Democrats shriek sanctimoniously about “income inequality” as they use Marxist rhetoric to inflict the same fate on the rest of the country.

On a tip from Kate P.

One Response to “Los Angeles Has Fallen”

  1. […] Sad – I had seen all of what was to come in the state that I was born and raised in. ‘Twas why I fled in Feb of 2012. Who is the majority of rule in Cali? I’ll give you a clue. The answer starts with a “D” – Can’t figure it out? Maybe this will help… […]

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