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Dec 06 2021

Los Angeles Smash and Grab Looters Released

Don’t expect the crime tsunami that has engulfed California to go away any time soon — not so long as the state is run by moonbats:

Authorities in Los Angeles on Thursday announced more than a dozen arrests in recent smash-and-grab thefts at stores where nearly $340,000 worth of merchandise was stolen, part of a rash of organized retail crime in California. Fourteen people were arrested in connection with 11 brazen robberies between November 18 and 28, but all were released from custody, police Chief Michel Moore said. Most bailed out or met no-bail criteria, and one is a juvenile, he said.

Eliminating cash bail is a major objective of demented leftists.

A statewide policy of imposing $0 bail for misdemeanors and lower-level felonies ended last year, but it was kept in place within the LA County Superior Court system.

Combine this with California’s effective legalization of shoplifting under $950 worth of merchandise and the liberal establishment’s embrace of looting as an affirmation of civil rights, and the anarchy on display in the erstwhile Golden State was inevitable.

On a tip from Chris Neilson.


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2 Responses to “Los Angeles Smash and Grab Looters Released”

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