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Aug 12 2019

Los Angeles With No Gas Stations

I just spent most of a 3-day weekend driving to, around, and back from Los Angeles. It would be virtually impossible to get around the place without a car. That’s why Los Angeles will die if the envirofascist moonbats running the county get their way. Can you imagine a Los Angeles with no gas stations? Social engineers can. It’s part of their sustainability plan.

If carried out, the list of 159 action items included in the plan could dramatically transform LA’s landscape in the coming decades. County officials call the scheme to phase out fossil fuels the “nation’s most ambitious” regional proposal.

Modern economies at every level — including the local level — rely heavily on fossil fuels to function. Jacobins have decided that these precious fuels will have no place in America’s second largest city in the near future. Because global warming.

No sane person thinks that the global climate is perceptibly influenced by whether people in Los Angeles drive or try to get around on bicycles like Cuban peasants. But sanity has nothing to do with authoritarian virtue signaling.

Maybe it’s just as well that there won’t be any gas stations. Traffic would come to a complete stop anyway due to the plan to install bus-only lanes throughout a region that already has nowhere near enough traffic lanes. In addition, planners will eliminate parking requirements for new housing. A car isn’t much use if you have nowhere to keep it.

They also want to put an end to oil drilling and refining in the region, which will hurt not only the local economy but the whole country.

The demented goal is to make the entire county “carbon neutral” by 2050.

It’s more than a trendy posture. As the former brains behind AOC confirmed, the global warming hoax is not about the climate. It is about totalitarianism. In the kind of country progressives have planned, transportation will only take us where someone in authority has decided we should go.

If whole cities plunge into economic collapse, so much the better. Poor people are easier to rule.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: California Political Review.

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