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Sep 04 2022

Louis Farrakhan on Taxpayer-Financed BLM Mural

In the tony town of Greenburgh in Westchester County, New York, $100,000 of taxpayer money is going toward a Black Lives Matter mural featuring racist demagogue Louis Farrakhan. Even some moonbats are annoyed:

Town Supervisor Paul … Feiner, a Democrat, said members of the local Jewish community called him to say they were “very offended” by the inclusion of Farrakhan…

The town approved the mural based on a sketch that did not include him.

Despite Feiner’s opposition, artist Kindo Art said he had a right to include Farrakhan and hasn’t decided if he will remove him.

Supporters of keeping Farrakhan in the mural include AJ Woodson, editor-in-chief of Black Westchester Magazine:

“My problem is bigger than Farrakhan and bigger than this mural,” Woodson said. “My problem is white people picking our heroes for us and who we are allowed to celebrate and who we are not allowed to celebrate.”

My problem is white people being forced to finance these celebrations, which are rammed down the public’s throat by Big Government. Try to imagine publicly financed murals featuring David Duke.

The mural also includes images of black leaders like Malcolm X and boxing champ Muhammad Ali, who Woodson noted were controversial in their times.

Malcolm “By Any Means Necessary” X advocated violence to achieve racial objectives. Muhammad Ali evaded the draft and sided with communists at war with his country.

Neither of them was as pernicious as Black Lives Matter, a corrupt Marxist organization responsible for $billions in damages through looting and vandalism that is ferociously hostile not only to law enforcement, but to the American nation, and to the nuclear family.

Louis Farrakhan is renowned for his hatred of whites. But no one minds that. Malcolm X said “the white man is a devil.” Farrakhan is problematic because he is also renowned for his hatred of Jews, which is politically incorrect.

There is nothing else about the mural that a woke liberal would object to forcing taxpayers to promote.

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