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Sep 01 2015

Love Gov: An Education in Debt

If Big Government were a boyfriend, it would be the worst boyfriend a girl could ever have. That’s the idea behind the video series Love Gov:

Love Gov portrays the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend — Scott “Gov” Govinsky — who foists his good intentions on a hapless, idealistic college student, Alexis. Each episode follows Alexis’s relationship with Gov as his intrusions wreak (comic) havoc on her life, professionally, financially, and socially. Alexis’s loyal friend Libby tries to help her see Gov for what he really is — a menace. But will Alexis come to her senses in time? Tune in to find out!

In Episode 1, Alexis gets an Education in Debt:

You won’t see much on television from this point of view. Good thing we have the Internet. Another four episodes are available here.

On a tip from David T.

2 Responses to “Love Gov: An Education in Debt”

  1. John34 says:

    Why does the bad guy have to be white?

  2. John34 says:

    Why does the bad guy have to be white?

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