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Jul 15 2020

“Low-Hanging Fruit” Deleted From Newspeak Dictionary

Cancel culture has reached a fever pinch reminiscent of the Reign of Terror. This is no time to fall behind in updating your Newspeak Dictionary. Be advised that the common expression “low-hanging fruit” is now forbidden:

The official definition of the term low-hanging fruit is “a thing or person that can be won, obtained, or persuaded with little effort,” according to the Oxford dictionary.

But according to one business professor, it’s a racial microaggression.

“For African-Americans, if you say ‘low-hanging fruit,’ we think lynching,” said Mae Hicks-Jones, an adjunct faculty member of Elgin Community College.

That is supposedly because of the 1950s Billy Holliday song “Strange Fruit,” the lyrics to which do not include the term “low-hanging.” The actual reason is that no matter what you say to black supremacists, they think of how oppressed their ancestors were generations ago, and how they can exploit that oppression to bully white people.

Mae Hicks Jones is of course a Woman of Color, and thereby empowered to tell us which expressions we are allowed to use.

Hicks Jones has other demands:

Also objectionable to Hicks-Jones was the phrase “grandfathered in,” because she said it is reminiscent of a grandfather clause, which privileged white people’s right to vote over that of black people during the Jim Crow South.

Assuming we have any character left at all, eventually we will get tired of the incessant bullying that is political correctness.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

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