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Jul 24 2019

Macy’s Pulls Plates to Appease Humorless SJW

The overweight now qualify as “oppressed.” They and those who bully on their behalf have the power to compel the sniveling PC invertebrates comprising corporate America to obey their peremptory commands. When Macy’s dared sell humorous plates with circles delimiting the portions appropriate for skinny jeans, favorite jeans, and mom jeans, a social justice warrior reacted with rage, apparently because this counts as fat shaming:

Other SJWs echoed the fury.

You can guess how Macy’s reacted:

Macy’s responded to Ward’s tweet saying that it agreed with her and that it had “missed the mark on this product.”

“It will be removed from all STORY at Macy’s locations,” it tweeted. Story is a pop-up-style area in some Macy’s stores that stocks products from small businesses.

Power. Not only enjoyed vicariously through the hypertrophied government but right there in their own petty tyrant fingertips as they issue menacing demands on Twitter. That’s what it’s all about for SJWs. The more their victims react with obsequious submission, the more aggressive the bullying will get.

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