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Jul 14 2016

Male Pervert Who “Identifies” as a Woman Caught Photographing Real Woman in Target Dressing Room

Even in an era of political correctness run amok, Target has distinguished itself by aggressively grinding hardcore moonbattery into the faces of its customers. A recent example of this is the policy of allowing men to use women’s restrooms and fitting rooms, on the grounds that according to liberal dogma, men are not men when they “identify” as women. The results of this policy were predictable:

A middle-aged man who identifies as transgender was arrested Tuesday for taking photos of a customer while she changed in the women’s fitting room at an Idaho Target store. Police booked Shauna Patricia Smith into Bonneville County Jail for one count of felony voyeurism.

Smith identifies as transgender and had entered the women’s fitting room as a female.

The victim was trying on clothes inside a dressing room Monday when she saw someone taking pictures of her. Smith had allegedly reached over the stall wall with a cellphone and photographed the victim before fleeing on foot.

The culprit’s actual name is Sean Patrick Smith. He has been arrested for felony voyeurism and could face 5 years. Stay tuned for theatrical intervention by the Justice Department if Idaho authorities don’t let him serve in a women’s prison.

Target should feature him in its advertising. He is the poster child for their corporate culture.

The pledge to boycott Target for imposing belligerent moonbattery that endangers women and girls now has almost 1.4 million signatures.

On tips from Varla, J, Steve A, Bodhisattva, and Torcer.

17 Responses to “Male Pervert Who “Identifies” as a Woman Caught Photographing Real Woman in Target Dressing Room”

  1. Bosun Higgs says:

    Geez, he looks like the Michael Meyers mask from HALLOWEEN.

    (I know, that was actually a Kirk mask, but it didn’t look like Capt. Kirk even before the prop people painted it white.)

  2. MicahStone says:

    I PROUDLY haven’t spent even a penny at Target in DECADES !!!!

  3. Nate says:

    Just wait. His lawyer will argue that, since he identifies as female, and females take pictures of other females in bathrooms, that there’s nothing to see her, folks, move along.

  4. Sort of reminds me of my cousin, Jethrine….

  5. Charlie Tuna says:

    That’s one snazzy looking dame there.

  6. SolidusRaccoon says:


  7. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Target pervert, Sean Patrick Smith, would have been within Target’s policies if he had been chokin’ his chicken in the girls’ dressing room.

  8. SolidFPlus says:

    If he simply deleted the photos from his phone, no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against him.

  9. NotKennedy says:

    Well, Target, or WalMart, would probably not be my first choice of places to go peeping or voyeuring if I was disposed to such desperation. Granted, Target has essentially invited this sort of stuff. I wonder if Victoria’s Secret is as receptive.
    Ah well, Target probably won’t be around much longer, anyway.

  10. NorthWulf says:

    You should use the term “aberrosexual” to describe these guys once in a while. It really fits well.

  11. […] your daughter safe from Sean Patrick Smith types in the restroom at a church daycare facility? Not if it’s in […]

  12. Americangirl5 says:

    And…..who saw this coming (said no sane person ever)?

  13. […] your daughter safe from Sean Patrick Smith types in the restroom at a church daycare facility? Not if it’s in […]

  14. Mr. Freemarket says:

    They were just private photos.

  15. Mr. Freemarket says:

    1. I think the guy should be sentenced to woman’s prison.
    2. I think the gals in woman’s prison should help him in his efforts to self-identify as a woman. I Loranna Bobbett still available?

  16. CQM in Western Colorado says:

    “Customers?” They’re not merely “customers.” At Tar-zhay, they are “guests” and employees are “team members.”

    It’s fortunate this pervert was caught. Good luck, prosecution and defense teams at selecting a neutral jury for the trial. Change of venue, anyone? This probably didn’t set too well in Ammon, Idaho, being that it is a Mormon settlement steeped in Idaho history, and is prominently a Mormon community with conservative anti-moonbat standards.
    I know two people who work at the local Target store, one of whom works as a “fitting room attendant.” I don’t have the nerve to ask her if “anything weird” has happened when she is working the fitting room desk. I probably don’t want to know, anyway.
    Target stores do not have separate fitting room areas for the women’s wear and men’s wear (better make that “fashions” because after all it’s “Tar-zhay). The department’s “share” fitting rooms, with “team members” monitoring the rooms.
    They certainly can’t be held responsible for perverted conduct by “guests.”
    This is a serious matter, and one of these days a young girl or woman is going to be physically molested and Target will be and should be sued into eternal damnation.

  17. doug johnson says:

    I’ve been driving across town to shop instead of the Target two blocks from my house. I’m glad enough others felt strongly enough to make them pay.

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