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Mar 03 2021

Mandatory Belief: Poverty Is Caused by Racism

Poverty has a single cause, which is that white people are racist. If you believe other factors may be involved, keep your thoughts to yourself or you will be denounced as a racist, like Frank Gunter, a professor of economics at Leigh University’s College of Business, who posted an ideologically problematic video:

In his video, titled “3 Myths Concerning Poverty,” Gunter had sought to debunk what he said were three “widely-held myths”: that “poverty is mostly a matter of race,” that it is “a generational curse,” and that “the poor have no agency.”

However, some students judged the video’s content and presentation as racist and took to social media to criticize it as such, leading the College of Business to promptly take the video down.

Believing that poor people are not necessarily helpless and may improve their situation through their own effort is fundamental to the American vision. It is also a thought crime.

Barked Lehigh Students for BLM:

“We don’t need a debate, we need action. Retract his statements, educate about why they were wrong and commit to anti-racism.”

They should have said, “We don’t need a debate, we need obedience.” So long as thugs keep getting it, the country will continue to lurch toward ruin.

Lehigh’s College of Business eventually reposted Gunter’s video on a new page—rather than the main page it was originally posted on—alongside a new video produced by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

This video denounces Gunter’s sensible and constructive commentary from a left-wing viewpoint.

At least it does not appear that Gunter — who has been at Lehigh for nearly 36 years — will be fired. But as he notes, his treatment sends a message to nontenured professors:

“I think the message to these faculty is ‘Keep your head down and avoid controversial topics in your teaching, research, and public communications,’” he said.

Comments Frederick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute,

If Gunter had asserted that the United States is a genocidal, white supremacist “slavocracy,” it’s a safe bet that there would have been no rush to shut him up or recruit colleagues to set the record straight. It’s an equally safe bet that plenty of faculty are watching incidents like this and observing the professional cost of wrongthink.

Professors are not there to think or to teach. They are there to obey and to recite. They are apparatchiks — interchangeable cogs in a political machine.

This is what passes for racism now:

Hat tip: Whatfinger.


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