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Jul 21 2019

Marianne Williamson Leads Prayer Apologizing for Being White

That which an otherwise healthy person would be ashamed of (e.g., indulging in unclean sexual perversions, wallowing in mental illness), moonbats portray as a just source of pride. So it is unsurprising that what we really should take pride in, they want us to be ashamed of.

Most human accomplishments in every significant field of endeavor have been the work of whites. Without whites, the arts, sciences, and politics would never have made it out of the dark ages. Life would be nasty, brutal, and short for everyone.

The concepts of individual rights and limited government, electricity, modern medicine, modern agriculture, modern communications, traveling faster than a horse — all are primarily the work of white people. In the arts, no other people has produced a Shakespeare, a Mozart, or a Michelangelo. If there is one thing that no one should ever be ashamed of, it is being white.

Now watch Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, spiritual advisor to the hugely popular liberal Oprah Winfrey, lead a prayer apologizing for being white:

Leftists are not just wrong. They are sick. They are not just sick. They literally worship their own sickness.

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