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Jun 28 2019

Marianne Williamson Snarlingly Harnesses Love

Marianne Williamson is perhaps the best qualified of the myriad Democrat presidential candidates. True, her only political experience consists of running for a California congressional seat in 2014 and losing. However, she is the New Age spiritual advisor to moonbattery incarnate, Oprah Winfrey. Since sheer moonbattery is the coin of the realm among Democrats these days, I’m surprised oddsmakers are giving her such long odds.

Here she shares her plan for defeating Donald Trump:

Have you ever heard the word “love” snarled with such scalding hatred? Looks like liberals are doing to “love” what they did to “liberal,” which used to mean the opposite of what it does today.

Kate McKinnon rushes to get her Marianne Williamson impression out to the public before the latter follows Robert Francis O’Rourke into obscurity:

On a tip from Varla.

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