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Dec 05 2018

Marissa Jackson Encounters Hate in NYC

Looks like Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation are oppressed by hate after all, even in ultra-liberal NYC. Marissa Jackson is Deputy Commissioner for the city’s Commission on Human Rights. She describes herself as “the person who oversees civil bias response for the City of New York.” That did not protect her from ugly hate on the subway, where a cad harassed her:

“I ignored him and focused on keeping my husband’s aunt safe, as she is visiting from Senegal for the first time and is vulnerable,” Jackson said in a tweet. “Not receiving a reaction from me, he called me an ugly n—er bitch and spit in my face & hair.”

There’s more:

“The man who attacked me made fun of my hair on the train. He told me I was gross and ugly and that my hair was a mess.”

This is practically the same thing as a lynching! Oh wait…

She described the suspect on Twitter as a man “of medium height and build, with curly dark hair, a beard, and what I would call olive or light brown skin–not obviously belonging to one race or another.”

If he could have passed for white, she would have called him white. How could she pass up a chance to validate the narrative that validates her?

You can guess whose fault it is when one Person of Color is rude to another: white people’s. Whimpers Ms. Jackson,

“Not one white person was willing to protect me or assist in any meaningful way after the attack.”

This could be because whites have been cowed into passivity by militant moonbats like Ms. Jackson. Playing the role of the white knight who intervenes in a conflict between sacred Persons of Color would be racist.

Ms. Jackson has solutions so that this can never happen again, including:

“The MTA [Metropolitan Transportation Authority] must take safety seriously, from an explicitly and intentional intersectional approach. Trans & queer folks, women, religious & ethnic minorities & people of color must be safe on the trains &buses.”

As for white men who aren’t sexual deviants, they are on their own. It’s what they deserve for being racists.

On a tip from Sean C.

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