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Jul 13 2016

K2 Turns Brooklyn Neighborhood Into Zombieland

The best thing about New York City is that it gives an admonitory glimpse into a future in which liberalism has completely triumphed. Here’s what utopia looks like:

Click for full size.

From the Daily Mail caption:

More than a dozen people overdosed almost simultaneously at the same street intersection after taking K2 around 9.30am in Brooklyn on Tuesday. Witnesses saw them passing out, vomiting, urinating and twitching in the middle of the roads. … It is believed the group all consumed the same batch of K2 reportedly sold at one local bodega.

K2 is synthetic marijuana. Like most recreational drugs, it not only has a devastating effect on the health of users, but is dangerous for others in the vicinity. Symptoms include psychotic episodes, paranoia, hallucinations, and lack of emotional attachment.

No worries; all 33 overdosers have been taken to hospitals, where they are being treated for their self-induced condition at extravagant expense, with the tab presumably picked up by others.

On a tip from Steve A.

10 Responses to “K2 Turns Brooklyn Neighborhood Into Zombieland”

  1. Dave Blount says:

    Thanks Wilberforce. The link in the story is to the main page where the caption and the graphic came from, but they aren’t there anymore. Your link gives more details.

  2. Rotohammer says:

    Looks like white police officers helping black addicts. Thank-you tweets coming from BLM in 3, 2, 1, …

  3. OldSailor says:

    3, 2, 1 … 40 … 60 … 6 hours … Still waiting.

    And of course the tab will be picked up by the oh so generous taxpayers who, if they say no, will have the Government jail them and pick their pockets anyway.

  4. SolidusRaccoon says:

    Let them die.

  5. rambler says:

    Irresponsible behavior creating work for others having to do the clean up.

  6. SNuss says:

    ” Symptoms include psychotic episodes, paranoia, hallucinations, and lack of emotional attachment.” How is that any different from normal Leftist behavior?

  7. depwavid says:

    Progressivism has destroyed so much of our social structure that reality is starting to suck for large numbers of people, who try to escape that reality any way they can. For those with poor impulse control and low IQ, that escape frequently comes through drugs.

    These losers are actually like coal-mine canaries, warning us about the results of toxic Progressive policies.

    With any luck, some will escape into eternity, taking their genetic impoverishment with them.

  8. Chrisputer says:

    Now they can get on Social Security Disability!!!

  9. Johnny Monday says:

    Nah. They’re just typical Drumpf supporters.

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