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Jun 18 2019

Mastercard to Let Transsexuals Use Phony Names

Preventing fraud is important to credit card companies — but not as important as “virtue” signaling by pandering trendily to transsexuals. That’s why Mastercard will now let the sexually perplexed put made-up names on their cards:

Mastercard will allow transgender people to use their chosen names on credit and debit cards in an effort to combat discrimination at the cash register.

“Discrimination” is what the liberals call it when transsexuals fail to receive instant groveling gratification of even their most imperious and unreasonable demands.

That means that the name on the credit card owned by a transgender person could be different than that found on their birth certificate or driver’s license.

What could go wrong? I mean, other than purse snatchers putting on wigs to go with their 5-day beards and shopping with stolen cards.

Other adventures in social justice warfare by Mastercard include blacklisting people for being disliked by intolerant Jacobins like Color of Change.

Bizarre but true: corporate America has embraced the ultraleft. Given what leftists do to capitalists once they have the power, the suits in the boardrooms must be hoping that the crocodile eats them last.

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