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Sep 02 2019

Match Made in Hell: LBGT Militants and Satanists

Many components of the moonbat coalition will inevitably fall out with each other. How long can feminists who demand female primacy in all matters side with Muslims who demand that women submit to chattel status? But others should get along fine indefinitely — like LBGT militants and Satanists.

The gay magazine Attitude quotes Satanic Temple cofounder Lucien Greaves:

“It would be a conservative estimate to say that more than 50 per cent of our membership is LGBTQ.”

Some might suggest that this is because they are freaks, but Greaves has another theory:

“I think that’s because they feel disowned and disenfranchised from the traditional religious institutions.”

That is, the ones that cling to the old-fashioned notion that sin is not something to be wallowed in and glorified.

“So, you have a population willing to embrace a religious identification that is boldly willing to speak out to the contrary.”

Please. Extolling perversion and degeneracy is anything but bold nowadays. In contrast, objecting to it will get you branded as a “bigot” (i.e., thought criminal); this carries serious social and professional ramifications. Swimming along with the prevailing current toward hell will have unpleasant consequences, but calling conformity “bold” is absurd.

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