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Nov 25 2013

Mayor Gordon Jenkins Contributes to the Dialog on Race

Since Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama et al. are so set on eradicating racism, they will certainly want to do something about the racist language employed by Gordon Jenkins, Mayor and Acting Village Manager of Monticello, New York. Mayor Jenkins is the guy handcuffed to the wall following a DWI arrest. Warning — the language is not for tender ears:

Anyone surprised to hear that Jenkins is a member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns?

After a previous encounter with the law, Jenkins pled guilty to selling counterfeit Nikes at his hip-hop clothing store.

No country can last indefinitely with people like this in positions of authority.

On a tip from Bill T. Hat tip: The Fight Is On.

7 Responses to “Mayor Gordon Jenkins Contributes to the Dialog on Race”

  1. Billy says:

    Contact: Gordon ‘da bigot’ Jenkins
    Telephone: 845 794 6130

  2. Conan says:

    When WILL the corruption of the Black race finally wake America up? Sounds racist but one, I don’t give a fuck and two, name a black run country YOU would move to? Haiti? Liberia? Uganda? Sierra Leone? S.A.? Zimbabwe? Or closer to home… Trenton? Camden? Filthadelphia? Detoilet?

  3. jack says:

    Rev Wright would be proud of his disciple.

  4. Coleco Football says:

    Bootleg Nikes?! Bwahahaa! Racism is a one way street comrades. Only whitey crackas can be racists.

  5. Karl says:

    He said “Cracker” with “er”, not “Cracka”. Racist.

  6. Bo Jangles says:

    Niggas be niggas no matter who or what they are. That the people of Monticello elected this lowlife proves he’s exactly what they deserve.

  7. Veritas says:

    This man must be a graduate of Havard.

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