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Jul 12 2020

McCloskeys Disarmed: GOP Pushback Finally Begins?

Considering that we already have to live in fear, imagine the situation if Democrats consolidate control of the government. Mark and Patricia McCloskey of St Louis have a Republican Governor and a Republican President, yet they find themselves potentially facing charges for warding off a mob of trespassing thugs by brandishing weapons on their own property. Police have taken possession of the guns they displayed to defend their home, leaving them vulnerable to future attacks by BLM/Antifa terrorists.

Finally, a whisper of pushback from the GOP:

Twelve Republican members of Congress have written to U.S. Attorney General William Barr, arguing in defense of the Second Amendment rights of a Missouri couple whose rifle and handgun are now in the possession of local authorities. …

“At this crucial time in history, our nation needs the Department of Justice to exert strong leadership to ensure that none of our constitutional protections are eroded by mob rule,” the lawmakers wrote in part to Barr. “Charges against this couple will have a chilling effect on the entire nation, sending the message that American citizens no longer have the right to protect themselves at their own homes.”

A chilling effect is exactly what Democrats like ultraleft, Soros-financed Prosecutor of Politically Preferred Pigmentation Kimberly Gardner are after — and not only regarding Second Amendment rights. The message: exhibit any resistance to our weaponized mob and we will serve you up to it and/or throw you in jail.

On tips from Stormfax, Mr. Freemarket, Scott D, Chuck A, and Rapinhoe.

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