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Apr 20 2017

Meanwhile, in Enlightened, Fundamentally Transformed South Africa

Zimbabwe, here we come:

Since the 6th April, there are reports of at least fourteen farm attacks that have occurred.

6 April was the day that was targeted by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for large-scale land invasions.

Although the occupation did not last too long, some observers say that the increased attacks on farms since that date is probably in connection with the EFF’s revolutionary call of land occupation.

Wait until EFF takes over the government from the relatively sane commies of the ANC. Then it will be white Holocaust here we come.

economic freedom fighters
You could see this coming from 1990.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

13 Responses to “Meanwhile, in Enlightened, Fundamentally Transformed South Africa”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    How about a swap. Black people can have all of Africa if they will just all move there.

  2. DEPLORABLE says:

    So, Whites in South Africa are about to be “EFF-ed” !!!!
    –sounds just like OBOZOland !!!!

  3. ICEvictim says:

    and when they are all starving the morons here will blame it on the white folks as usual.

  4. Scattergood Baines says:

    From So. Africa, Zimbabwe, Detroit, Congo, Baltimore, et al, there is not an economy, whether a city or a country, that has been maintained by blacks, much less built from the ground up. Pathetic but true.

  5. concern00 says:

    When you put a group in charge who sit demonstrably lower on the IQ (and civilized) bell curve what do you expect?

  6. mr. history says:

    do not fear in the presence of free men tremble in the presence of slaves when they brake their chains! thomas jefferson. the afrikaaner racists would be dead now along with many of their black african citizens.

  7. sandyaz says:

    When they start killing each other and are starving, don’t blame the whites who fled for their lives. Let them die. This is one of the times that I agree with Darwin. Invite all of the black malcontents to migrate there.

  8. Paddy Bauler says:

    White South Africans are Refugees I’d gladly welcome.

  9. bigpete says:

    Productive South Africans, get out. Your country is lost like a shore home to a rising storm tide. No amount of sand bags will save you. You have skills sane parts of the world still value.

  10. Saxon Warrior says:

    Leftist groups are annoyed with the violence that is occurring in post-apartheid South Africa. They are arranging demonstrations as we speak and they are demanding that everybody should boycott South African produce and imports. They are drawing up a list of companies to avoid, companies that trade with South Africa, and companies that support the current South African regime….

    er no…. wait a minute!

  11. Lenarbeach says:

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  12. Hunter says:

    I assume after they get rid of all the white people, the blacks will turn S. Africa into an economic powerhouse like they’ve done everywhere else where blacks control government.

  13. magic1114 says:

    The most sane of the white folk in SA will see it coming and emigrate. The SJW’s, being true to form, will believe it doesn’t apply to them because they like and support black folk. Needless to say, it’s gonna get mighty nasty for them…

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