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Aug 24 2018

Media Enraged by Trump’s Concern over Plight of White South Africans

Somebody get word to Robert Mueller. We finally have evidence that Trump committed a crime — the thought crime of sympathizing with the white South Africans who built their country over the course of centuries and who are now getting dispossessed, driven out, and very often murdered:

The Western media is largely responsible for the nightmare that is unfolding in South Africa, having applied heavy pressure for that formerly advanced country to sacrifice itself on the altar of political correctness by abandoning Apartheid in the absence of a sane alternative. There is no remorse for having helped to murder a nation, thereby shrinking Western Civilization.

Barely less hysterical than the hebephrenic Jacobins at the New York Daily News screaming about “racial arson,” the Washington Post responded to the tweet above with an ink blast of moonbattery, heavily implying that only members of the Ku Klux Klan would be concerned about the fate of white South Africans. Their thoroughly documented plight is denounced as a “conspiracy theory.”

WaPo breezily excuses the constitutional change that will explicitly permit the confiscation of white farms without compensation (which has already begun) with this:

The measure is designed to redress racial inequalities that have persisted for nearly a quarter-century after the end of apartheid in 1994.

There will be racial inequalities until the last white has been murdered. Stealing property from competent farmers and giving it to people who are not competent to farm in the name of redressing racial inequalities is not only immoral but insane.

The human rights group AfriForum, which is devoted to protecting the rights of minorities and which has shined a light on the violence directed at white farmers, is dismissed by WaPo as a “fringe group” and a “white-supremacist group.”

White farmers are four times more likely to be murdered than the general population in a country that has become infamously murder-prone as it degenerates into savagery. But the murders of white farmers are brushed off by the spinmeisters at Associated Press with this:

The murders on farms are proportionately higher than South Africa’s overall murder rate because farms are generally more remote and exposed…

That must be why farmers are murdered in large numbers throughout the world. Oh wait; they aren’t.

Despite media attempts to shrug it off as a “white nationalist lie,” genocide against white farmers is quite real:

The international average murder rate is 7 per 100,000, [Pieter Groenewald] noted. “In the case of mainly white farmers in South Africa, the figure is a staggering 133 per 100,000,” Groenewald said.

Groenewald is the leader of Freedom Front Plus, which represents minorities in South Africa, thereby no doubt qualifying as a hate group according to the US media.

The current murder rate will skyrocket if Julius Malema continues to drive the agenda.

Stay tuned to hear piteous pleas from the Washington Post and AP for more US aid to South Africa after the confiscation of white farms inevitably leads to mass hunger as it did in Zimbabwe.

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