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Jan 02 2019

Media Still Claims Elizabeth Warren Is an Indian

Give them credit for tenacity. Liberal media establishmentarians will not let go of a lie — not even after it has been thoroughly debunked. Information gatekeepers still want us to believe that the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Elizabeth Warren is an Indian. As Don Surber notes:

Owen Daugherty of The Hill wrote in his report, “In October, Warren announced the results of a DNA test that she said showed ‘strong evidence’ of Native American ancestry. The test results did little to stem the attacks from Trump and also opened Warren up to criticism from Native American groups.”

At least The Hill leaves the door of doubt open by mentioning that real Indians aren’t happy about Warren’s antics. ABC refers to her “Native American heritage” as though it actually existed:

Amanda Maile of ABC wrote President Trump “took a few shots at someone he has repeatedly referred to as Pocahontas in a mocking tone over her Native American heritage.”

ABC links the word “her Native American heritage” to a video entitled, “Elizabeth Warren Reveals Proof of Native American Ancestry.”

As some in the “mainstream” media must think we don’t know, the public relations debacle that was Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test showed strong evidence that she does not have any more Indian ancestry than the average white American. She has become such a laughing stock that not even her fellow moonbats take her seriously anymore. In an attempt at damage control, Fauxcahontas herself stated, “I’m not a person of color.”

Maybe this information failed to penetrate the bubble of misinformation inside of which ABC journalists reside. Or maybe we are being lied to again.

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